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Despised Icon – Purgatory

As one of the godfathers, if not THE godfather, of the deathcore genre, Despised Icon have enjoyed a special place at the top for fans of the style.  Though the band themselves have rejected the label, they have no doubt played a huge part in spearheading a genre that is oft-hated, but no doubt has […]

Despised Icon – Beast

After more grindcore beginnings, one could argue that the modern deathcore movement peaked with either 2005s The Healing Process or The Ills of Modern Man, this Canadian act’s third full length album, in 2007. My vote is for the latter. But after 2009s Day of Mourning, the band split up as deathcore began to fade and wane under […]

Despised Icon – Day of Mourning

Even after two utterly punishing albums in 2005s The Healing Process and 2007s The Ills of Modern Man, Canada’s Despised Icon have a bull’s eye directly on their back for the deathchore haters and scene haters to take pot shots at. From their cocked hats and Vans to their clinical triggered sound and shift from […]

The Acacia Strain to headline ‘Sun Your Bunz’ Tour across the US

The Acacia Strain to headline Sun Your Bunz Tour across the USSupport offered by All Shall Perish, The Warriors, Eternal Lord, Since The Flood Massachusetts’ The Acacia Strain are proud to announce a summer 2008 headlining tour across the United States. Dubbed the ‘Sun Your Bunz’ Tour, and featuring support from All Shall Perish, The […]

Despised Icon – The Ills of Modern Man

Now this is what I’m talking about. This is real progress right here. No trendy zeitgeist clamoring, no superfluous adornments that pose as surrogates for progression, no sir, this is the real thing, pure, honest, progression. Seeing that Despised Icon have been making an unholy racket for a while now and furthermore seeing that this […]

Despised Icon – The Healing Process

I can’t pretend to have heard this bands prior apparently grindcore based offerings, so I cant tell you how The Healing Process compares, but what I can you that this is the best album Dying Fetus never did. With members of two of my favorite Canadian bands, the mighty Neuraxis and In Dying Days, Despised […]