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The Way of Purity – Crosscore

The Way Of Purity is a fairly young Christian metal band from Norway. Crosscore is the name of there debut album and it’s probably one of the weirdest bands I have covered as of late. They look like members of Mushroomhead and sound like a mix between In This Moment and Cradle Of Filth. Just […]

Beneath The Massacre – Marée Noire EP

Finally some new jams by Canadian technical death metal act Beneath The Massacre, in the form of an EP entitled Marée Noire. One would tend to think the well could have run dry with a lot of their songs but nope these guys are still alive and kicking. Two years after their second full length […]

Forgiven Rival – This Is War

Sometimes I tend to enjoy a poppy metal record or two when it’s done right and when the album bleeds passion. Here we are with the debut album This Is War by the Australian act Forgiven Rival who play modern metalcore akin to All That Remains and Trivium. Catchy songs be damned, this young metalcore […]

This Day Will Tell – Too Good to Be True

Lately it seems post-hardcore music is on the rise or I mean alternative music. This is music that requires no talent and no skill to play, music that is just their so teenager’s can feel hard and different from the norm. Music…well this isn’t music, this is an abomination. I really hate when people call […]

Micawber – Hell On Earth

It’s been two year since I last heard from Micawber. Their last album Bloodrunner contained some amazing music. Though it was plagued by a demo quality the album was insanely heavy. They return with a follow up album entitled Hell On Earth; this is easily one of my favorite deathcore releases all year. The band […]

Diskreet – Engage the Mechanicality

Finally after three years since their debut EP, Diskreet present us with their first full length album and what an album it is. Hailing from Topeka, Kansas this quintet plays a form of devastating technical death metal that annihilates all who oppose. If machines started to decimate and take over humanity this would be their […]

King Conquer – America’s Most Haunted

King Conquer are finally gracing us with their new album entitled America’s Most Haunted. Hailing from Naples, Florida, King Conquer play a form of brutal deathcore. People these days tend to think less of deathcore as most of the scene is becoming quite stale. So every now and then gems surface amidst the stale air […]

Oceano – Contagion

Oceano is back with their new album entitled Contagion. After jamming this album a couple times I tend to think they should have called the album Depths Pt. 2 or Depths Redux or something. Because in all honesty it seems as though Oceano made a few touch ups and played it a tad bit safe […]

Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire – Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation

Imagine a crack head beating you in the head with a metal pipe. He then injects heroin into your head, beats you some more and tells diatribes of his life whilst speaking in tongues. If you can imagine this, then you’re close to what this album sounds like. Clinging to the Trees of a Forest […]

Funeral Pyre, The – Vultures At Dawn

Holy Shit! This album is fucking evil. Seriously, The Funeral Pyre knows how to create some sick tunes. I love how their riffs have the tendency to dig and crawl underneath your skin. I swear every time I play these guys on my stereo, I feel as if a portal to hell is surrounding me […]