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Lionheart – Built on Struggle

“Negative as Fuck” hardcore act Lionheart return with their new album Built On Struggle. Continuing where the last album (The Will to Survive) left off, Lionheart has managed to create another brutal and punishing slab of hate filled hardcore. Judging the book by its cover is a safe bet this time around. Looking at the […]

King Conquer – America’s Most Haunted

King Conquer are finally gracing us with their new album entitled America’s Most Haunted. Hailing from Naples, Florida, King Conquer play a form of brutal deathcore. People these days tend to think less of deathcore as most of the scene is becoming quite stale. So every now and then gems surface amidst the stale air […]

Miles Between, The – Deceiver

Like this record, I’ll get xstraightx to it: 9 songs, 22 minutes of very impressive, incredibly hefty, heaving Straight edge hardcore/metal that’s some of the most impressive of this style I’ve heard since Black My Heart and Redline. Also, because some of the huge, open note breakdowns, this will appeal to the likes of The […]

Demonstration, The – Accidents with Intelligence

Ugh. I rather enjoyed the 2006 debut, Existence from North Carolina’s The Demonstration as it displayed the melodic chops of the North Carolina metalcore scene with a confidence and heavy dose of Prayer For Cleansing/Between the Buried and Me guitar work. However, guitarists Charles Matheny and vocalist Trevor Underwood have since left the band, replaced […]

Burning the Masses – Mind Control

Not to be outdone by Metal Blade’s group of teenage deathcore kids, Fate, here come Mediaskare/Century Media with their own group of growling, blasting, shredding, breakdowning kids plucked right from the halls of a San Diego High school. Though most might cringe at yet another group of snot nosed kids who can’t even buy a […]

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – I Have Made My Bed In Darkness

Considering my love of Between the Buried and Me, you’d think I’d be all over the debut from Indiana’s Exotic Animal Petting Zoo; Off kilter, jazzy, Dillenger-ish styled alternative rock and impossibly scattershot structures littered with lengthy ambient, introspective strains of clean vocals and progressive experimental textures. A must have right? Well not just yet. […]

A Breath Before Surfacing – Death is Swallowed in Victory

*thwack* *thud* *sswack* *thwack* Excuse me, I was just beating a dead horse. I figured if I caught it on tape, maybe it could land me a record deal. It’s really no different than Arizona’s A Breath Before Surfacing (ABBS) – mish-mashing At the Gates riffs with excessive blasting, breakdowns, death grunts and growls with […]

With Dead Hands Rising – Expect Hell

What a title. It just conjures up the image of Russell Crowe leading his hordes of battle scarred legions in the opening of Ridley Scott’s bloody master piece ‘Gladiator.’ What’s more, With Dead Hands Rising’s new opus wouldn’t be a bad soundtrack to accompany the mayhem that unfolds in those opening scenes, the band even […]

Ghost Inside, The – Fury and the Fallen

And so the omnipotent metalcore behemoth keeps rolling and seemingly unable to even slowdown a morsel, in fact, as more and more predict the sub-sub-sub genre’s extinction, more and more bands mushroom forth, prolonging its life. Given, the quality is becoming lower and lower but it is still amazing that a) there are plenty of […]

As Blood Runs Black – Allegiance

Like Deathcore with a hint of melody? Dig bruising breakdowns? Enjoy Through the Eyes of the Dead, Job For Cowboy, All Shall Perish, Antagony, The Classic Struggle, Embrace the End, Winds of Plague and Iscariot? Get this CD. I could leave my review at that and honestly feel that the correct audience is indeed going […]