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Funeral Pyre, The – Vultures At Dawn

Holy Shit! This album is fucking evil. Seriously, The Funeral Pyre knows how to create some sick tunes. I love how their riffs have the tendency to dig and crawl underneath your skin. I swear every time I play these guys on my stereo, I feel as if a portal to hell is surrounding me […]

Funeral Pyre, The – December EP

As much as I like The Funeral Pyre and respect Creator Destructor Records, this stop gap EP reeks of contractual obligation or a favor to the band’s former label. Heck, even the artwork seems rushed and obligatory. Continuing the sound on 2008s Wounds, the now synthless California black metal act blaze lazily through 5 rather […]

Funeral Pyre, The – Wounds

After stealing The Funeral Pyre away from Creator Destructor Records and then re-issuing the band’s impressive second offering, here is the Prosthetic Records debut from California black metal act and there have been some slight changes from The Nature of Betrayal. The most obvious change is that keyboardist Daniella Jones is no longer in the […]

The Funeral Pyre debuts new music from forthcoming album.

Los Angeles’ THE FUNERAL PYRE has posted a track from the band’s forthcoming record, ‘Wounds,’ online at the band’s MySpace page (, entitled “Black Earth”. Scheduled for a May 27 release through Prosthetic Records, Wounds is the follow-up to 2006’s The Nature of Betrayal, which saw an early 2007 re-release through a distribution deal with […]

Funeral Pyre, The – The Nature of Betrayal

While generally, most US black metal seems to be either one man grimness, rather superficial attempts at 1990’s Scandinavian with little or no creativity or identity, or even have some sort of metalcore tinge, California’s The Funeral Pyre have delivered one of the most surprising melodic black/death metal releases to come from a very young […]