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Darkness Everywhere – The Seventh Circle EP

While newer bands like Countless Skies or Hinayana have given Melodic Death Metal a somewhat renewed amount of energy and attention, for the most part it takes a release from the genre’s seasoned veterans to gain any kind of real hype ahead of its release. We’re talking, of course, the likes of At The Gates, […]

Slowbleed – A Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn

Over the last few years, metalhead jack-of-all-trades Ben Murray (Light This City, Heartsounds, Darkness Everywhere, No Chemistry) has built Creator-Destructor Records into quite the diverse little powerhouse of a label. Representing everyone from legendary punk rockers A Wilhelm Scream, to Beatdown bruisers like Sunami and Kruelty, to filthy Death Metal acts like Dismemberment and Spinebreaker. […]

Nite – Darkness Silence Mirror Flame

It seems inevitable that by the end of every year, we’re all grateful to be moving on to the next one, like the last year was just this stain on your existence you can’t wait to wash out. I certainly know that by the end of 2019, I was ready to dropkick that year into […]

Light This City – Terminal Bloom

Back in the early and mid 00s, female fronted metal absolutely blew up, especially in the melodic death metal, metalcore and screamo genres. Spearheaded by matriarchs Karyn Crisis and Angela Gossow, bands like Walls of Jericho, Landmine Marathon, In This Moment, The Agonist, Ikilledabearaonce, Hiretsukan, Undying, Eyes Set to Kill, Circle Takes the Square, Made Out of […]

Spinebreaker – Ice Grave LP

When initially listening to San Jose’s Spinebreaker, I’m at first reminded of the now defunct Short lived Skinfather and their 2014 release, None Will Mourn; both California bands, both young ‘kids’ playing a form of mid range, hardcore tinged Dismember/ Swedish death metal , and both releases are vinyl only. Of course that;s a broad generalization, as Spinebreaker […]

Enabler – Year One

Listen, (for once) I’m just going to get right to it. If you Like Trap Them or some of  today’s noisy discordant bands like Animosity, Gaza, Harlots and such, just go ahead and grab this release, a collection of the bands first two releases, Eden Sank to Grief and War Begins With You. Milwaukee’s Enabler […]

VYGR – Hypersleep

“I See No God Up Here” claimed Yuri Gagarin during the first manned space flight, April 1961. The last really good, pure post-rock/shoegaze albums I heard were Rosetta’s last effort and the last EP by Mouth of the Architect. But in a matter of weeks I’ve heard three; Halo of Flies Records’ excellent LP duo […]

At Our Heels – Misanthropy and Godlessness

Miss Uphill Battle? Enjoy blackened hardcore or crust tinged blackened punk? Then check out the debut from this hungry San Francisco act who with their brief but feral Misanthropy and Godlessness, have delivered a half hour of urgent, enjoyable metal with vast crossover appeal. Featuring an incredibly punchy Zach Ohren production, the album’s feedback littered […]

Funeral Pyre, The – December EP

As much as I like The Funeral Pyre and respect Creator Destructor Records, this stop gap EP reeks of contractual obligation or a favor to the band’s former label. Heck, even the artwork seems rushed and obligatory. Continuing the sound on 2008s Wounds, the now synthless California black metal act blaze lazily through 5 rather […]

Mirror of Dead Faces – Lamentation

Despite the fact that this group of Riverside, California kids play the now overdone form of The Black Dahlia Murder worship, like say, Salt the Wound and Sons of Azrael, the fact is, they do it really, fucking well, and possibly even better. Quite simply, from start to finish, Lamentation is a blazing, relentless and […]

Mirror of Dead Faces unveils cover artwork, posts another new song.

Southern California’s melodic death metal powerhouse, Mirror of Dead Faces, has unveiled the cover artwork from their forthcoming Creator-Destructor Records debut, “Lamentation“, which can be viewed online at their myspace site: The band has also released another track off the new record entitled, “The Beginning of Sorrows” which is also available for streaming via […]

The Funeral Pyre debuts new music from forthcoming album.

Los Angeles’ THE FUNERAL PYRE has posted a track from the band’s forthcoming record, ‘Wounds,’ online at the band’s MySpace page (, entitled “Black Earth”. Scheduled for a May 27 release through Prosthetic Records, Wounds is the follow-up to 2006’s The Nature of Betrayal, which saw an early 2007 re-release through a distribution deal with […]