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Beneath The Massacre – Fearmonger

Montréal, Quebec’s ultra-brutal tech-death/deathcore act Beneath The Massacre return with their fourth album, Fearmonger.  The band seemingly going into a hibernation for some years, as their last album Incongruous, was released in 2012.  Much of the band has remined intact, the newest member is Anthony Barone, on drums.  When bands are so over-the-top brutal I […]

Beneath the Massacre – Incongruous

Technical death metal is a unique beast. When pulled off well (Origin, early Neuraxis, Decrepit Birth), it is one of the few genres that can make you stop and go – “Whoa… what the hell was that?!?”; leaving you reaching for the rewind button on your cd player to re-listen to what you just heard. […]

BENEATH THE MASSACRE Announce New Album Details and Debut New Tracks

    Montreal’s monsters of tech-death mayhem, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, have announced their newest album, entitled, “Incongruous,” will be released in the US on February 14th, in the UK on February 20th, in mainland Europe on February 24th and in Canada on February 28th. “Incongruous” was produced and mixed by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and mastered […]

Beneath The Massacre – Marée Noire EP

Finally some new jams by Canadian technical death metal act Beneath The Massacre, in the form of an EP entitled Marée Noire. One would tend to think the well could have run dry with a lot of their songs but nope these guys are still alive and kicking. Two years after their second full length […]

BENEATH THE MASSACRE Unveil New Song, Cover, Track Listing and Launch Pre-order

Montreal based tech-death metal band, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, have launched the track, “Black Tide,” from their upcoming five song EP “Marée Noire”, which will be released in North America on September 14th. It will be available as a limited edition red 7″ record and on CD. Pre-order is now available for each format, as well […]

Beneath the Massacre – Dystopia

While technically stunning, Beneath the Massacre’s transition from deathcore to a more technical death metal band on Mechanics of Dysfunction was a little short on memorability. So here is the follow up and while stylistically the band has continued their batshit insane musical pyrotechnics and uber busy delivery, they have managed to deliver a slightly […]

Beneath the Massacre – Evidence of Iniquity EP

Canada has done it again. After the initial invasion of Cryptopsy Kataklysm and Gorguts laid the ground work of musical insanity, bands like Neuraxis, Quo Vadis, Ion Dissonance and Despised Icon to continue to pummel these shores with ridicoulously complex metal. Add Beneath the Massacre to the list of impressive Canadian bands that can rip […]