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Solium Fatalis – The Undying Season

You’d think with Flo Mournier of Cryptopsy fame on drums (taking over for the ubiquitous Dirk Verbueren) and Oliver Pinnard (Cryptopsy, Vengeful, ex-Neuraxis) on bass, the second album from New Hampshire’s Solium Fatalis (Fatal Throne?) would be a Canadian inspired, brutal tech death metal vortex of chaos. But its not. And that’s not a bad thing. […]

The Last Felony signs to Galy Records

After introducing the brutal sound of Despised Icon and Beneath The Massacre’s devastating debut albums to metalheads worldwide, Galy Records is proud to unravel Montreal’s newest breed of Technical Death Metal: The Last Felony. The band’s craft of morbid melodies, intricate guitar work and extreme drumming will not remain unheard for long. Recorded & Mixed […]

Soothsayer – To Be a Real Terrorist (Reissue)

The downside to the resurgence of the thrash sound (which I consider a very good thing) is that now you have labels digging back into the catalog to find a bunch of never-were bands, re-release their stuff and try to make them sound like underground legends. Occasionally you find a gem, but usually the re-release […]

Point Blank Rage – The Sound of Resistance

You’d expect a little more from Galy and especially from a band featuring Alexandre Leblanc of Neuraxis/Atheretic fame, but I guess when you are in two highly complex bands, this sort of downtuned, simplified death metal tinged hardcore could be construed as some sort of alternate release of musical desires that you other projects can’t […]

Fuck the Facts – Collection of Splits 2002-2004

This tasty little collection from Galy is must have for fans of Fuck the Facts who have simply been unable to keep up with their myriad of splits and such and it just cements how talented and varied this Ottawa act has been over their career. Along with the 21 tracks from their splits with […]

Truckers, The – Get Rich or Drive Trying

French spoken, trucking themed tech/grind core from Quebec? Yup. You red that right. Musically, The Truckers are not too dissimilar from many of their Canadian peers, plying a sort of tight, complex, off kilter hardcore/grind/death metal (Ion Dissonance, Despised Icon, The End, Fuck The Facts, etc), but the whole thing is sung/growled/screamed in French, which […]

Blinded By Faith – Weapons of Mass Distraction

After being impressed by this Canadian black metal act’s live offering, Imperial Collapse, I was curious to hear their studio output by way of their second album (even though the band has been around for over a decade) of symphonic melodic black metal/death metal, and while hardly bringing anything new to the genre, there is […]

Reanimator – Thrashin the Neighborhood EP

Bullet belts. Combat boots. Leather. Stone washed jeans – Reanimator’s debut EP Thrashin’ the Neighborhood reeks of these things from the moment you push play. Pure, unadulterated ‘80’s thrash metal, and more specifically, the Bay area style. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were listening to a thrash album from that time […]

Blinded By Faith – Imperial Collapse-Live in Quebec City CD/DVD

I’m not a huge fan of live material, with maybe Iron Maiden’s Live After Death and a few Manowar CDs and DVD’s in my collection that are live stuff, that being said, I’m very impressed with this live CD and separate DVD from Canada’s symphonic, melodic black metal act Blinded By Faith. With only and […]

Quills – Quills EP

Wow. So good, but so fucking short. If you, like me were disappointed with Misery Index’s Discordia, grab this tasty little (literally) release and strap in for a 7 minute hellride of crusty, grinding intensity. Featuring Misery Index’s Own Jason Netherton, as well as Ruiner?s Danny Porter and ex-Swarm of the Lotus drummer Chris Csar, […]

Beneath the Massacre – Evidence of Iniquity EP

Canada has done it again. After the initial invasion of Cryptopsy Kataklysm and Gorguts laid the ground work of musical insanity, bands like Neuraxis, Quo Vadis, Ion Dissonance and Despised Icon to continue to pummel these shores with ridicoulously complex metal. Add Beneath the Massacre to the list of impressive Canadian bands that can rip […]

Horfixion – Self Inflicted Hell

If the private investigator skills I picked up by watching Mr. Matula crack cases and score with the whores in one of the longest running German cop TV-shows, Ein Fall für Zwei, on TV can be trusted – Canadian Horfixion has more years (12) behind them than I can count (I’ve only got ten fingers; […]

Soulscar – Victim Impact Statement

Now that the Northern melodic death metal bands seem to be leaning towards more accessible tones, the battleground has opened up for the acts in the American continent. Quite surprisingly one of such newcomer bands, Soulscar, hails from Canada and even more surprisingly – there is little to be heard of the metalcore influence that’s […]