Bring Me Solace
Nomadic Refuge EP

I absolutely hate it when a band releases a top notch debut album and soon after they break up. It’s a total mind fuck I tell you! But at least the bands that break up present us with something worth remembering before they vanish into oblivion.

Bring Me Solace–a progressive metalcore band from Portland, Oregon–did just that, by releasing an EP entitled Nomadic Refuge and then going poof! Erased from existence! Well, not exactly, because this EP has to be one of the most sincere and talented works of art that has been released this year; an album that’s hard to forget and will stay with one for years to come. Imagine a more soulful, and dare I say it, an extravagant Born of Osiris — completely void of ego and filled with heart. The band plays a form of progressive metalcore with a ton of ambient textures and emotional overtones. It’s not filled with breakdowns nor is it direct in its approach. Layers of talent take centerfold and the album comes equipped with a sharp sense of skill.

“Change” opens with an ambient essence and the sound of water droplets as if heard in space. When the music begins, this is where one will finally hear the beauty that is Nomadic Refuge. Speed metal riffage will have one remembering the band Himsa with their melodic shredding and barking vocals. Oddly enough, this song would feel so right in a Sonic the Hedgehog video game. The song “Stars of Hope” continues in the same way by building up a foray of competing guitars that soothe and destroy the listener. Half way through, the music takes a more peaceful route by adding soft clean guitar harmonies, which slowly lead one’s ears to an almighty solo that is magnificently sweep-tastic. “Remains Relentless” continues with the godlike shredding that plows through the listener. Ferocious battering breakdowns spliced in between chaotic yet ethereal riffs; this is how a real proggy metalcore song should sound.

One of the most engaging qualities of this band are the guitars. The way they move and run through each other is actually a bit romantic. Put it this way: Imagine the riffs as the colors of the rainbow, as gay as this sounds it’s the truth. The way all colors mingle with each other and compliment one another is the way these riffs work. By themselves each adds a different personality but when combined into one it brings an artistic edge to their progressive metalcore domination.

“Of Solitude” brings in some djent to go along with their prog and the song is hypnotizing to say the least. “Lost and Deprived” takes an emotional accent and almost brings a more melodic death based approach to their extensive instrumentation. It isn’t until the end where some shred enters the fold yet the whole song is engaging and equally mesmerizing.

The last song is the title track “Nomadic Refuge” and is a great way to close out an already amazingly done album. Taking what was presented to us in the first couple songs and adding in even more harmonies and shred. The solo is extravagant and the peaceful clean picked part that ends the album will have one shedding tears.

It’s a shame that Bring Me Solace‘s story ended so soon since these guys could have taken over the metal scene and it’s also a shame that no label picked these kids up. Instead we get labels signing shitty Emo-trance doo-doo (The Bunny The Bear) or even boring generic deathcore acts (Betraying The Martyrs). When it all comes down to it though, at least the band left us this amazing EP, Nomadic Refuge, that definitely beats out a lot of bands in this genre.


[Visit the band's website]
Written by Jesse Wolf
September 14th, 2011


  1. Commented by: AARONIUS

    This sounds interesting, I may have to check it out.

    On another note, you don’t like Betraying the Martyrs? I’ve actually found them to be pretty listenable. Better than most of what’s being done by the American deathcore bands anyway.

  2. Commented by: hc4everdistro

    Sounds right up my alley. Any thoughts on The Contortionist? Really dig those guys, and are cut from the same cloth based on this review. Good stuff.

  3. Commented by: Jesse Wolf

    Ya dude both are sick as fuck bands. Def go see The Contortionist live…so ill.

  4. Commented by: Kromatix

    Pretty bad ass. Better than alot of the stuff coming outta this scene.

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