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Dynasty – Truer Living with a Youthful Aggression

Well thank the goat and Odin that I wasn’t asked to review the 80’s TV soap of the same name. Dynasty are a West Coast outfit playing the musical style often referred to as ‘hardcore’. Admittedly, I’m about as familiar with metal-infused hardcore as I am with 80’s TV soaps, although I know enough about […]

Altars – Opposition EP

Listen, this is Christian metal on Strikefirst Records, so spare me the lecture and redundant lashes OK? hailing from Colorado, Altars debut effort of Facedown’s farm league label, is actually a pretty promising 6 song affair. It’s one of those multi faceted modern Christian hardcore records that combines  a punchy production burly deathcore beat downs […]

Ark of the Covenant – Separation EP

A Strike First Records release you know the deal, Christian music at its finest. Ark Of The Covenant is their name and the Separation EP is their game. If one is familiar with bands such as Creations, or sadly the poop fest that is The Great Commission, then as you know breakdowns are the key […]

Burial, The – The Winepress

This little booger slipped through my highly efficient, organizational skills and structured teethofthedivine office space (i.e the pile of CDs and my daughter’s Disney DVDs on my computer desk at home). But a track randomly popped up on my Ipod warranting further investigation.. I’m not going to try and dance smartly around the divisive white […]

Ace Augustine – The Absolute

Seriously I don’t think it’s possible to give a negative review for bands on Facedown/Strikefirst Records as their roster of bands has been consistently great since their very start. Metalcore to hardcore and even melodic death metal Facedown/Strikefirst Records never disappoints in delivering high quality Christian bands to the masses. With that being said, Ace […]

As Hell Retreats – Revival

Hailing from Tennessee, As Hell Retreats is one of the recent addictions to the Strikefirst/Facedown Records family, so you know they play some form of quality Christian metal, and in this case it’s a hybrid of melodic metalcore and crumbling deathcore. Not as utterly devastating as label mates Impending Doom or Earth From Above and […]

Saving Grace – Unbreakable

When I reviewed (for another site) the 2008 album, Behind Enemy Lines, from New Zealand’s Christian metalcore/hardcore act, I suggested that Facedown/Strikefirst Records would be a good fit for this band for their next album. Booyah. Ok, enough of that – onto the album. The fact this album is on Strikefirst (Facedown’s baby brother) should clue […]

In the Midst of Lions – Out of Darkness

Continuing their trend of releasing solid Christian metal in environmentally friendly digipacks (A Hope for Home, Earth From Above, The Great Commission, Hope for the Dying), Facedown Records, subsidiary label, Strikefirst Records has come up with yet another thunderous Christian deathcore outfit akin to Earth From Above. Right, now that 90% of you have left. […]

Earth From Above – Numbered With the Transgressors

Holy sh– No that wont work. Jesus Chri– That wont work either. God damn– Crap. Well roger me with a Yorkshire terrier and call me Sally- man this is good. Those Christians sure are bringing the pain this year. Not only is the debut from California six piece Earth From Above arguably the heaviest Christian […]

Great Commission, The – And Every Knee Shall Bow

So what if you took the three guitar, Brown note devastation of The Acacia Strain and mixed it with the worshipful heft of Sleeping Giant and other Christian hardcore bands? You’d get The Great Commission and Strikefirst’s best (and heaviest) release since their re-ignition and arguably heavier than anything parent label Facedown Record has released. […]

A Hope For Home – The Everlasting Man

Though the third release from the newly restarted Strikefirst Records won’t appeal to too many readers of this site, it will appeal to fans of the first As Cities Burn album as well as the likes of Misery Signals, Means and such; jangly, layered, melodic worshipcore with an overabundance of emo/clean vocals, that as usual […]

Hope for the Dying – Hope for the Dying

Hope for the Dying is the first release on the recently re-launched Strike First Records (a subsidiary of Facedown Records that released records by the likes of War of Ages, Sinai Beach, Inked In Blood, Jesus Wept and Bloodlined Calligraphy), and though its basically a repackaged version of the bands demo from earlier in 2008, […]