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Design – Apotheosis EP

There aren’t too many styles so well suited for each other as metal and symphonic music. While heavy metal may have had its first roots in blues, many later acts owe just as much of their inspiration from classical tradition. With this having been said, it’s no wonder that so many metal bands have worked […]

Joe Satriani – Unstoppable Momentum

At this point in Satch’s career, it can be difficult not to take the man’s talent and virtuosic skill for granted. After all, time and again, he’s been called one of the, if not the greatest guitarist in rock music. It’s not hard to agree with that opinion either; for close to thirty years, Joe […]

Nerij – Lophophora Williamsii And Monochromatic Perceptions

If anything is to be clear, it is that the Italian solo artist Nerij has come quite a long way since “Fato Ottenebrato Ghermente Anime Inquiete” of last year, a patchy eighteen minute demo that introduced me to his work on a less-than-satisfactory note. Ripping black metal and dark ambiance in virtually equal measure, it […]

Ben Levin Group – Invisible Paradise

If Frank Zappa had been born a part of the current musical generation, I imagine he would be making music quite a bit like Ben Levin. In many ways, I could easily compare the two- they’re each gifted with a bold musical vision, a penchant for proggy quirk, and no shortage of expertise on the […]

Lo-Fi Restistance – Chalk Lines

First off, I have been a hardcore fan of Porcupine Tree for some time, and while it’s always been Mr. Steven Wilson that holds the creative mantle for their music, each of their members are at the top of their game. Most notably, Gavin Harrison has made a name for himself, not only for Porcupine […]

Malicious Dream – Soil

Getting their start over the past decade with a demo and EP, The Netherlands’ Malicious Dream has been picking up the pace more recently. After meeting some positive reception for their live performances, their debut has apparently been awaited with some anticipation by those with the fortune to have heard the band before this. Complete […]

Oceans of Night – Domain

If you’re a progressive metal nerd like myself, chances are you’ve heard of Scott Mosher. On top of having a great character and sense of humour, he has four solo albums under his name. If you have heard him before, you’ll probably agree that he’s one of the best guitarists in the world of melodic […]

Knock Out Kaine – House of Sins

Let’s go back a few decades, back to a time when rock ruled the FM waves. Not the ‘hang out at the mall and try on cardigans’ sort of rock either; this was the sort of rock that dove into everything dirty and grimy, bodily fluids notwithstanding. Regardless what your opinions on the 1980’s hard […]

Bow – Man in the Machine

Bow is a project spawned from the mind of Chris van der Linden, a guy likely better known for his work under the title Fourteen Twentysix. Although Fourteen Twentysix has been called ‘progressive rock’, it may have been more fitting to call it a mix between ambient music and alternative rock; a combination that worked […]

Metaphysics – Beyond the Nightfall

Progressive metal may be a something of a stagnant genre nowadays, but there’s still great quality to be found. Metaphysics is an Italian group that have been together since 2005, and though their sound is but a sliver away from the prog metal giants that so clearly influence them, they have created a memorable first […]

Sun Devoured Earth – Sounds of Desolation

Arguably since Alcest made it big, the fusion of black metal and shoegaze music has become pretty popular, particularly among one and two-man bands. First capturing my heart with the likes of Lantlos and Heretoir, this appropriately titled ‘blackgaze’ sound offered a much softer approach to the black metal aesthetic, a perfect alternative for sleepy […]

The Bunny The Bear- The Stomach For It

Think of the current metal scene as a vast metropolis. Profound Lore  might be the artistic quarter, Nuclear Blast the bustling, successful yet respectable commercial hub, and Roadrunner Records the aging, somewhat dilapidated but culturally rich heritage district. Some miles away, we have Victory Records, which I may liken to the ghetto of this city, […]

Electric Swan – Swirl In Gravity

Those familiar with the work of Italian hard rock act Wicked Minds will already know guitarist Lucio Calegari and his penchant for vintage psychedelia. For those- like myself- who have gone into listening to Calegari’s Electric Swan without that precedent, it’s enough to know that this is a band fueled with experience and a passion […]

Interview with Negura Bunget

As one of the few metal bands out of Romania to have achieved international recognition, Negură Bunget have developed their sound from a traditional, atmospheric black metal into something quite original. Parallels may be drawn between this band and others like Opeth or Enslaved; with each album, this Romanian act have pursued an increasingly progressive and experimental direction. Having done a couple of my favourite black metal albums in ‘Maiastru Stefnic’ and ‘Om’, I was very excited to hear what Negură Bunget would sound like when they played Vancouver. Catching up with drummer and band leader Negru a little while before the show, he gave me the scoop on what this band is all about.
Also on the bill were Toronto black metallers Eclipse Eternal, Romanian neofolk duo Din Brad, and blackened openers Desecrate Scripture.

Ben Levin Group – Pulse of a Nation

After a period of laborious research (read: browsing the web while the coffee kettle boiled), I was surprised to learn that very little has been written about the Ben Levin Group. Although their album ‘Pulse of a Nation’ is nearing its second birthday, I could only find a handful of reviews written for their album, […]

Dynahead – Youniverse

Dynahead is a band that has inspired some buzz in progressive metal over the past few years. Not unlike their fellow Brazilians in Mindflow, they play music that takes in influences from all across the prog metal spectrum, most notably Dream Theater, and Opeth. Although it’s safe to say that this more eclectic approach is […]

Protean Collective – Divided

Save for your factory-produced, target market-oriented teen pop sensations, all bands are ‘underground’ at some point or another. Doing some research into this band from Boston, it seems like quite a few people have high hopes for Protean Collective  breaking out to a wider audience, and after hearing their self-released album ‘Divided‘, I can see […]

Dynasty – Truer Living with a Youthful Aggression

Well thank the goat and Odin that I wasn’t asked to review the 80’s TV soap of the same name. Dynasty are a West Coast outfit playing the musical style often referred to as ‘hardcore’. Admittedly, I’m about as familiar with metal-infused hardcore as I am with 80’s TV soaps, although I know enough about […]

Dark Suns – Orange

Germany’s Dark Suns are a band that are nothing, if not ambitiously eclectic. Although I would feel secure recommending them to a fan of adventurous metal or prog rock, it will be difficult to nail down their sound in just a few words. Regardless, over the past decade, the band has released a slew of […]