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NEGURA BUNGET announce North American release date for new album, reveal first video‏

Today, Prophecy Productions announces March 3rd as the North American release date for Negura Bunget‘s highly anticipated new album, Tău. With Tău, these Romanian folk/black metal pioneers not only present the long-awaited successor to 2010’s Virstele Pamintului, but also their first album for Lupus Lounge / Prophecy Productions with genuinely new song material. Tău also marks the beginning of Negura Bunget‘s ambitious “Transilvanian Trilogy,” a sonic and […]

Interview with Negura Bunget

As one of the few metal bands out of Romania to have achieved international recognition, Negură Bunget have developed their sound from a traditional, atmospheric black metal into something quite original. Parallels may be drawn between this band and others like Opeth or Enslaved; with each album, this Romanian act have pursued an increasingly progressive and experimental direction. Having done a couple of my favourite black metal albums in ‘Maiastru Stefnic’ and ‘Om’, I was very excited to hear what Negură Bunget would sound like when they played Vancouver. Catching up with drummer and band leader Negru a little while before the show, he gave me the scoop on what this band is all about.
Also on the bill were Toronto black metallers Eclipse Eternal, Romanian neofolk duo Din Brad, and blackened openers Desecrate Scripture.

Negură Bunget – Virstele Pamantului

“The Age of the Land is an album about embracing your destiny, about choosing and consciously assuming a way of fife. The Earth is where we came from and where we go back into.” Another natural and organic album from Negru and new company. Now lets move past the record label press kit and delve […]

Negurã Bunget – Măiestrit

Negurã Bunget‘s Maiestrit, the album containing the last recordings of the band’s classical line-up, is out, released April 15, 2010. For all of those out there living in a cave, this is the most anticipated disc of the year, followed closely by Virstele Pamantului. The first is, as stated above the last of an era […]

Prophecy Productions to re-release early Negura Bunget albums

egura Bunget’s first four releases will soon be re-issued in Digipaks with improved artwork. “From Transylvanian Forest” is the only demo recording from Wiccan Rede, the legendary precursors to Negura Bunget. This re-release with two bonus tracks lays bare the roots of Negura Bunget in an unique way. On their debut album “Zîrnindu-Sã”, the Romanians […]

Negura Bunget – Om

Does the world exist the way we perceive it or do we simplify things for the sake of our sanity. When two people communicate, be it with words or music, they do not use a shared language, but interpret what the other says according to their particular syntax. So the question of what the other […]

Negura Bunget – N Crugu Bradului

For the first half on the nineties Enslaved was by far my favorite band. As time went on and they changed their style, no one band rose up to replace them as kings of the wandering, multi-layered, chaotic long-playing epics of black metal art. Romania’s Negura Bunget, formed in 1995, first entered my radar in […]