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Arð – Untouched by Fire

I don’t know how I missed the debut of this project formed by Mark Reed, keyboardist from Winterfylleth, one of the UK’s very best black metal exports of the last 15 years. They released an album in 2022 called Take Up My Bones, which I shall immediately be procuring after hearing Untouched by Fire. Like […]

Disillusion – Ayam

I’ve long extolled the virtues of Germany’s Disillusion on these very pages. From their breathtaking, classic debut, Back to Times of Splendor, to the divisive follow-up Gloria to the band’s comeback after a 13-year layoff in 2019s The Liberation. Well thankfully, we don’t have a long wait for them to follow up The Liberation, as […]

Darkher – The Buried Storm

You’re going to know whether this is for you very quickly. Darkher plays a brand of music that isn’t really metal, but straddles that line between what can be called dark and heavy in other ways. Think along the lines of Chelsea Wolfe and King Woman and you’re close. While “female-fronted metal” is just a […]

Unreqvited – Beautiful Ghosts

I wish I had heard Canadian, one person act Unreqvited, before I reviewed the excellent EP from Christian Cosentino earlier this spring as they would have been an excellent reference point for that review. And there are so few for this style of outside of the box, happy but despondent, organic shoegaze/black metal past the […]

Empyrium – Über den Sternen

Germany’s Empyrium have been around for close to 30 years, with a hiatus in the 00’s.  I’d always seen the band name, but always stayed away from them because of not quite grasping the folk metal genre, until relatively recently.  Their prior releases are a mixed bag containing a variety of sounds, vocals and instruments.  […]

Disillusion – The Liberation

While most are out there blowing their loads over the Tool album, I’ve been sitting here patiently awaiting the arrival of another long awaited progressive metal album, Disillusion’s reunion effort after 13 years!. Yep- it’s been 13 years since the divisive Gloria, which while a solid album, had the herculean task of following up a […]

Dark Suns – Everchild

Germany’s Dark Suns created a minor classic to my ears with Swanlike in 2002. That album boasted gothic doom/death with ethereal acoustics so powerful for a debut, even Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth commented on how impressed he was with the bands ability. Eagerly, I awaited more from the band, and what came over the next […]

Amber Asylum – Sin Eater

  The multi-instrumentalist Kris Force and her spacey juggernaut, vapor trail institution Amber Asylum has over 20 years in the music world and stints on known labels such as Relapse, Neurot and Profound Lore for a reason.  Never once in the group’s career have they compromised their vision.  While the “band’s” line-up is often changing, […]

Arcturus – Arcturian

To us mere mortals, ten years is a long time to wait between albums, yet I suppose if you’re a band of time-travelling space pirates, a decade is no time at all. That’s exactly how long it’s been since Sverd’s troupe of avant-garde lunatics unleashed their last magnificent opus, Sideshow Symphonies. So, what’s changed for […]

Alcest – Shelter

Alcest is one of the very few bands for which I say: if you like it, you like it; if you don’t, you don’t. There is nothing bad about it. It needs to be taken on its own terms, and once it is, whatever opinion you form about it is your own, and it’s okay. […]

Eïs – Wetterkreuz

Geist‘s  2009 album Galeere was and still is one of my very favorite albums of that year and was a darn near perfect black metal album. But then I never heard anything from the band for the next, almost 4 years. Well it turns out that the band was having some issues with a lawsuit […]

Interview with Eïs

Back in 2009 I was introduced to Germany’s black metal horde, Geist, and their stellar maritime themed album, Galeere. It was a virtually perfect black metal album mixing frosty riffs, atmosphere with confident levels of old school mastery and a modern polish and delivery. However, that album was followed by three years of silence due to some legal issues and some internal band issues resulting in 3 on Geist members leaving the band. However bassist Alboin and drummer Marlek have forged ahead, undergoing a name change and returning with an album that’s every bit as good as Galeere. Alboin was kind enough to visit with me and further explain the turmoil of the the last few years and the superb new vision that is Eïs.

Arctic Plateau – The Enemy Inside

I have to admit I wasn’t at all familiar with Gianluca Divirgilio’s works in Arctic Plateau before digging into this release, but I’m quite pleasantly surprised and satisfied with what I’m hearing. The Enemy Inside isn’t a metal album by any means. Once that fact is straight out of the woodwork and looking you in […]

Alcest – Les Voyages de L’ame

Alcest’s ‘Les Voyages de l’Âme sure as hell is a niche album. Clearly, Neige’s intention with his approach to shoegaze is to convey a positive and mellow type of ambiance, and while he’s succeeding in said task in a few songs (while drifting into depressive musings in others; at least according to what I could […]

Dark Suns – Orange

Germany’s Dark Suns are a band that are nothing, if not ambitiously eclectic. Although I would feel secure recommending them to a fan of adventurous metal or prog rock, it will be difficult to nail down their sound in just a few words. Regardless, over the past decade, the band has released a slew of […]

Finnr’s Cane – Wanderlust

Not to be confused with Sutter Cane (“Do you read Sutter Cane?”), Finnr’s Cane is a three-piece hailing from the frozen wastes of Canada (yeah, they have those there too), and if you’ve never heard of them yet, take note, because you’ll be uttering their name alongside other naturalistic black metal luminaries in years to […]

Lifelover – Sjukdom

I first became acquainted with Lifelover about a year ago with their album Konkurs — a promising listen that hinted at unique ideas, cross-genre pollination and other experimentation within the black metal framework. Equal parts Katatonia melancholy and suicidal black metal—the mix had great melodies, buzzing guitars and exasperated vocals that balanced well with subtle […]

Helrunar – Sól

It has been three years since Helrunar‘s Baldr Ok Íss. This follow-up album was started in the summer of 2008. According to the label’s press packet: “Helrunar set about erecting a memorial in their own honor. Sól are two conceptually linked albums of tremendous depth, combining contradictory attributes such as catchiness and complexity in the […]

Nàttsòl – Stemning

Ulver‘s made some great ambient and electronic albums since their big genre switch, but don’t you wish they’d also turned out another Bergtatt or Kveldssanger before leaving metal behind for good? (Or at least took a bass with them when they recorded Nattens Madrigal in that forest?) Well, now you can take a hike into those same misty, […]

Lantlôs – .neon

It occurred to me a while back that a lot of the stuff that I converse with the most is one way or another—if only barely—connected to black metal. This was a revelation of sorts to me, as I’ve never considered myself a fan or particularly open to the genre. I have no interest for […]

Negurã Bunget – Măiestrit

Negurã Bunget‘s Maiestrit, the album containing the last recordings of the band’s classical line-up, is out, released April 15, 2010. For all of those out there living in a cave, this is the most anticipated disc of the year, followed closely by Virstele Pamantului. The first is, as stated above the last of an era […]

Alcest – Écailles de Lune

Has it really been 3 years since Neige released his debut Souvenirs d’Un Autre Monde and caused quite a stir with his mellow, shoe gaze tempered take on black metal? A form of metal I termed ‘green metal’. How time passes, and with Amesoeurs being disbanded, it appears Neige is using Alcest to channel even […]

Secrets of the Moon – Privilegivm

With 2007s Antithesis, Germany’s Secrets of the Moon flirted with the black metal elite, mixing blackened atmospherics, death metal and depressive ambience into long slithering tracks and memorable set pieces that hinted at greatness. However, with the 65 minute run time, and even longer songs that emphasize mood over intensity, Privilegivm, feels more drawn out […]

Les Discrets sign with Prophecy Productions

Les Discrets, the solo project founded by Fursy Teyssier (Alcest, Amesoeurs) in 2003, steps forth from its Myspace existence into the light of day. “‘Les Discrets’ (engl.: the discreet ones) are those creatures that live in nature and who bring nature to life, the ones who make the leaves move, who put dew on the […]

Prophecy Productions to re-release early Negura Bunget albums

egura Bunget’s first four releases will soon be re-issued in Digipaks with improved artwork. “From Transylvanian Forest” is the only demo recording from Wiccan Rede, the legendary precursors to Negura Bunget. This re-release with two bonus tracks lays bare the roots of Negura Bunget in an unique way. On their debut album “Zîrnindu-Sã”, the Romanians […]