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Drautran – Throne of the Depths

I have a list of upcoming releases that I keep, constantly adding the names of albums of interest as I learn about them. Sometimes I add a band name followed by a question mark in anticipation of an as yet unannounced new album. Drautran is such a band, having been on my list for six […]

Helrunar – Baldr ok Iss

Helrunar has quickly jumped to the top of the heap of Norwegian wave black metal imitators. This German band has only a six year recording history but obviously a much longer history as a fan of real black metal. Baldr ok Iss is their third full length release, and second by Lupus Lounge. In terms […]

Vision Bleak, The – The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey

This is a weird one. The Vision Bleak is an act consisting of two guys from Germany. Remember Empyrium and Nox Mortis? The Vision Bleaks two members, Allen B. Konstanz and Ulf Theodor Schwadorf hail from those bands and what we have here is a goth, horror, thrash metal band. Seem strange? It sounds strange. […]

Nucleus Torn – Nihil

On one hand, the debut full length album from Switzerland’s Nucleus Torn is a fitting addition to Prophecy’s legacy of artistically exquisite, female fronted, avant garde, folk, ambient music, but at times it also awkwardly tries to be something a bit more progressively ‘metal’ or rock, and ultimately fails. When Nihil is delivering delicate and […]

Tenhi – Maaäet

While it might seem that it couldn’t be further away from metal aesthetically, Tenhi remains as one of the heaviest bands around. The weight does not come from razor sharp riffing, bowel-depth vocals or blistering drums for that matter, although percussion does play a big role in the group’s spellbinding sonic witchery. No. The band […]

Dark Suns – Existence

So the label change from Voice of Life to the uber experimental Prophecy Productions looks to have made a slight impact on this German band that displayed huge promise on their Swanlike debut. The main change? The vocals. Vocalist/drummer Niko Knappe, despite saying otherwise in an interview I did with him, has now adopted the […]

Bethlehem – Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt

Bethlehem is one of those bands that I’ve just ignored over the years for various reasons. I know they played a kind of black doom in the past, but they seem to have taken a giant misstep emotionally during their last stay in the mental hospital. My first impression was what the fuck? I’m glad […]

Canaan – Brand New Babylon

This Italian darkwave gothic rock band seems to have quite the following, but as soon as I heard that they play a combination of later Katatonia and Dead Can Dance I knew I was in for a tough review. I hate reviewing bands that play a style I can’t stand. While I can appreciate musicianship […]