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Dornenreich: “Nachtreisen” DVD to be released in autumn

After a long production period, Dornenreich’s first DVD “Nachtreisen” (“Nocturnal Journeys”) will finally be available in autumn 2009 (the exact date will be announced soon). The DVD’s main content is made up of two concert recordings that represent both sides of Dornenreich: live at Summer Breeze 2007 (metal gig) and live at Wave Gotik Treffen […]

Dornenreich – In Luft geritzt

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to this album. I’ve started this review 2 different times, only to trash it. You see, this album has caused a plethora of different emotions. At first, it sounded creepy…the acoustic guitar/violin combo has a certain ominous air. After a while, it struck me as almost comical…like Black […]