Prophecy Productions to re-release early Negura Bunget albums

egura Bunget’s first four releases will soon be re-issued in Digipaks with improved artwork.

“From Transylvanian Forest” is the only demo recording from Wiccan Rede, the legendary precursors to Negura Bunget. This re-release with two bonus tracks lays bare the roots of Negura Bunget in an unique way. On their debut album “Zîrnindu-Sã”, the Romanians celebrate a furious and primal black metal with sophisticated drumming and racing guitars. For many fans, this record still marks the band’s pinnacle. The re-release comes with a bonus CD featuring a previously unreleased alternative recording of the entire album. The potential hinted at on these releases was fully tapped on the EP “Sala Molksa”. “Sala Molksa” offers highly original symphonic black metal with a penchant for complex arrangements. This re-release comes with a bonus CD as well, containing an unreleased alternative recording of the EP. “Mãiastru Sfetnic”, finally, is the masterpiece by the ‘early’ Negura Bunget, written large in the history of black metal. This album is characterized by a stunningly dense and oppressive atmosphere and has secured the band a position in the pantheon of black metal.
All of these Digipak CDs are limited to 2,000 copies each. There will also be a special 6 CD box, strictly limited to 500 copies, including a woven Negura Bunget logo patch and a sticker.