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Secrets of the Moon – Seven Bells

One of the best kept secrets coming out of the German black metal scene they have been overlooked for far too long. Secrets of the Moon are back with their fifth full length release. They have been kicking around in one form or another for quite a long time, with sG being around for all […]

Secrets of the Moon – Privilegivm

With 2007s Antithesis, Germany’s Secrets of the Moon flirted with the black metal elite, mixing blackened atmospherics, death metal and depressive ambience into long slithering tracks and memorable set pieces that hinted at greatness. However, with the 65 minute run time, and even longer songs that emphasize mood over intensity, Privilegivm, feels more drawn out […]

Secrets Of The Moon: “Privilegivm” album cover and release date revealed

The fourth studio album of Secrets Of The Moon, “Privilegivm“, will be released on September 11 in Germany and Austria and on September 14 worldwide. More information about the album soon. The “Privilegivm” track listing: 1. Privilegivm 2. Sulphur 3. Black Halo 4. I Maldoror 5. Harvest Part I: I Forgive Myself Part II: The […]

Secrets of the Moon – Antithesis

With The Exhibitions EP being my first exposure to this German black metal band, I’m not sure I’m able to gage Secrets of The Moon’s standing within the hierarchy of black metal, but based on personal taste alone, I happen to think this band is one of the finest, yet underrated black metal bands around. […]