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Saille – Ritu

I thought symphonic black metal was a horse beaten to death? In the mid-to-late ‘90’s, that style of metal was what crept out from underneath every toadstool, every rock and from out of every darkened cave known to man. A dwarf’s handful of bands survived the explosion and ensuing fallout (Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir) […]

Dynfari – Sem Skugginn

Dynfari is a new band to the blackish metal scene, but they are a prolific one. After forming in 2010, the Icelandic duo of Jón Emil (percussion, guitars) and Jóhann Örn (vocals, bass, guitars) have already released two full-length albums. Their self-titled debut ran just under the 45-minute mark, but their latest release, Sem Skugginn […]

Negura Bunget – Om

Does the world exist the way we perceive it or do we simplify things for the sake of our sanity. When two people communicate, be it with words or music, they do not use a shared language, but interpret what the other says according to their particular syntax. So the question of what the other […]

Negura Bunget – N Crugu Bradului

For the first half on the nineties Enslaved was by far my favorite band. As time went on and they changed their style, no one band rose up to replace them as kings of the wandering, multi-layered, chaotic long-playing epics of black metal art. Romania’s Negura Bunget, formed in 1995, first entered my radar in […]