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Agruss – Morok

One would desperately hope that a metal album inspired by the events of Chernobyl would be littered with hints of occultism, cloaked in sulphuric blackened nuances, and evoking creepy Silent Hill-ish moments.  Agruss‘s Morok has a little bit of this, but it’s not as effective as it could be.  The genre used to convey the […]

Hail Spirit Noir – Pneuma

Oh man, what a weird little album this is. Hail Spirit Noir are two guys from Greece, playing a kooky mix of black metal and late ’60s psychedelic folk. I wish Pneuma were actually 40 years old, and that I’d found it on vinyl in the back of some musty old secondhand store, all covered […]

Eternal Deformity – The Beauty of Chaos

It’s been awhile since I’ve had anyone satisfy my yen for Dimmu Borgir-style symphonic black metal. For awhile, and mostly in the late ’90s, it seemed to be everywhere: Old Man’s Child of course, but also Mactatus, Mystic Circle, Stormlord, Morgul, Anorexia Nervosa, Thyrane, Carach Angren, Ninnuam, and so on. And although most of those […]

Fen – Epoch

It’s 2011, and more than two decades after black metal first slithered out of the darkness, it’s still shifting and changing into surprising and unexpected new forms. Recent mutations include the rambling, crystalline majesty of Pacific Northwest acts like Agalloch or Wolves in the Throne Room, or the unexpected fusion of black metal and shoegaze, […]

Negură Bunget – Virstele Pamantului

“The Age of the Land is an album about embracing your destiny, about choosing and consciously assuming a way of fife. The Earth is where we came from and where we go back into.” Another natural and organic album from Negru and new company. Now lets move past the record label press kit and delve […]

Various Artists – Aural Music/Code666: Better Undead Than Alive 2

These days, if you want to find out about a band – or a whole label’s roster – there are plenty of options. Websites, Myspace, streaming e-cards, YouTube, you name it. The days of picking up a compilation are pretty much over. So it was a pleasant surprise to receive Better Undead than Alive 2, […]

Fen – The Malediction Fields

Fen – the British word for swamp – suggests a band with a sludgy, crawling sound, but that’s not the case with this UK-based act. Instead, this combines dry, murky black metal with buoyant melodies and expansive moodscapes to create a dynamic and often mesmerizing experience. Essentially, Fen comes off like the British version of […]

Eternal Deformity – Frozen Circus

Here’s another one I’ve been putting off for some time. Each time I put it on, I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around it, and had to shut it off. But as of late, I’ve been digging on a little more oddball, left of center and/or progressive stuff from my norm, and Frozen Circus […]

Herrschaft – Tesla

Judging by their name, you’d expect Herrschaft to be a German industrial act, all brooding Teutonic sturm und drang. You’d only be partly right – they’re actually French, and spew a harsh, danceable mix of pounding industrial, bristling electro and crunchy metal riffs. The vocals – heavily processed, of course – are definitely the most […]

Tholus – Constant

Tholus are an interesting band. Formed by drummer Dave Murray (Sculptured, Estradasphere) and some other relatively minor folks and friends as well as the involvement of Mars/NASA conspiracy theorist Richard Hogland (author of Monuments of Mars), they play a form of cosmic, celestial, mars based technical death metal rooted in Cynic, Disincarnate, Theory In Practice […]

Control Human Delete – Terminal World Perspective

Here’s a decent debut of experimental, industrial, post black metal from a young Dutch band that should appeal to the likes of Dodheimsgard, VEGA and Aboryrm . While the mix of mechanical, Fear Factory styled atmospherics, dark ambient soundscapes, sampling and blistering yet adventurous black metal is a hard balance to find, CHD manage to […]

Thee Maldoror Kollective – Pilot (Man with the Meat Machine)

While I enjoyed Thee Maldoror Kollective quite a lot with their previous effort, A Clockwork Highway, I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting a new one this soon. But that’s quite a distracting thing to say, as it’s been already three years in the making. So either the guys are fast, I’m goddamned slow […]

Thee Maldoror Kollective – A Clockwork Highway

I just came. Italy is well known for mixing perverted ideas together and expressing the results musically. Usually such releases are worthy of filling the garbage bin, but exceptions are known to happen. Thee Maldoror Kollective is one of such occasions with their latest album where things could have gone horribly wrong, but luckily didn’t. […]

Enid – Gradwanderer

Often, the terms “progressive”, “experimental” and “avant-garde” are overused (my self included) to describe any music that simply can’t be pigeonholed, categorized, or maybe defies our metal shuttered concepts of what should be construed as “metal”. Bands like Arcturus, Ulver and Solefald, who break the mold of metals restrictive constraints are either hailed as geniuses […]

Void of Silence – Human Antithesis

I can’t really say Italy has a solid stranglehold on the doom genre, but after this, their third album, Rome’s Void of Silence at least seem ready to make others take notice. After the horrifically bad Carinou album, I was reluctant to give this a listen but it turns out, VOS are a pretty creative, […]

Aborym – With No Human Intervention

This is the band that calls itself “satanic elitist black metal” and a “necrocult.” As most everyone knows by now, Attila Csihar is an official member of the band, but the practice of guest musicians continues. Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest, Irrumator from Anaal Nathrakh, Bard “Faust” Eithun now with Dissection… The question is whether this […]