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Aborym – Generator

It’s been a good year for black metal for me so far; Thyrane, Lugubrum, Grand Belial’s Key, Oblomov, Dark Funeral, Leviathan’s 35 split CD’s and this superb effort all have made black metal interesting for me again. Frankly, I’ve never really delved to far into Aborym’s discography, so this album came as a surprise to […]

Aborym – With No Human Intervention

This is the band that calls itself “satanic elitist black metal” and a “necrocult.” As most everyone knows by now, Attila Csihar is an official member of the band, but the practice of guest musicians continues. Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest, Irrumator from Anaal Nathrakh, Bard “Faust” Eithun now with Dissection… The question is whether this […]

Aborym – Fire Walk With Us

Italy’s Aborym formed in 1991, released a demo and broke up. The same members reformed the band in 1997 and released their debut album, Kali Yuga Bizarre in 1999. Fire Walk With Us is their second full-length, and the first to feature Attila Csihar, formerly of Mayhem, as permanent vocalist. Thier aim is to break […]