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Altars – Opposition EP

Listen, this is Christian metal on Strikefirst Records, so spare me the lecture and redundant lashes OK? hailing from Colorado, Altars debut effort of Facedown’s farm league label, is actually a pretty promising 6 song affair. It’s one of those multi faceted modern Christian hardcore records that combines  a punchy production burly deathcore beat downs […]

Altars – Altars (2nd review)

Altars debut effort is a demo of experimental death metal. Coming in at 24 minutes it’s a short one, although the last song is 9 minutes long. One of the big problems they run into here is the production because it’s a bit too muddy for you to hear what they really want to do […]

Altars – Altars

Judging by the scrawled logo and temple backdrop, I’d hoped this EP would be a black metal offering, since I was in the mood for something new in that vein. Nope, these Aussies play death metal, but of the odd and evocative variety, which is just as good. There’s a lot of US influence here […]