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Immortal Suffering – Extreme Torture EP

New Yorks’ Immortal Suffering returns with a brand new EP- Extreme Torture.  5 songs of brutal NYDM, in 18 minutes.  The perfect length of time for this release.  The band adding some new blood into the band with: Taylor Schranck on bass and Jordon Mamaluke on vocals formerly the vocalist for another NYDM band Coronary […]

Decaying Purity – Mass Extinction of the Providential Ones

I have thoroughly enjoyed Turkey’s brutal death metal act, Decaying Purity’s previous three releases and their fourth one Mass Extinction of the Providential Ones is on pace with yet another long album name, as well as more brutality to knock the COVID right outta ya. 9 songs in 32 minutes and “Darkness Falling Down Through […]

Flesh Consumed – Flesh For the Leeches

First and foremost, I would like to give Sevared Records’ Barret Amiss II, a big thanks and shout out for hooking me up, at this year’s Maryland Deathfest, with a copy of Flesh Consumed‘s new album, Hymn for the Leeches. Being that it has been eight years since their previous album (apparently, problems with label […]

Anasarca – Survival Mode

No disrespect to Germany’s Anasarca, but I had never heard of them prior to this album and they’ve been slogging their brand of death metal since the 90’s, Survival Mode being their fourth album and first in 13 years.  Give it up for founding member, Michael Dormann-guitarist/vocalist keeping the band going, because Survival Mode is […]

Boal – Infinite Deprivation

Boal is a brutal death metal band, hailing from The Netherlands, playing a really chunky style of death metal that is mostly U.S. influenced, with some European tinges.  Album opener “Deranged”, blasts right out of the starting gates and the vocals are exceptional, alternating between ultra low gutturals and some screams.  If you’re a fan […]

Pathology – Lords of Rephaim

Pathology has been one of the most, if not the most brutal death metal band to come out of San Diego, California and the band has only been around a mere 7 years. When vocalist Matti Way departed after the 2010 release of Legacy of the Ancients the band still plowed forward and the 2011 […]

Blood Red Throne – Blood Red Throne

Norway’s Blood Red Throne achieved a little attention in the 00s, being an American sound death metal band hailing from the then black metal dominated country of Norway and featuring Tchort of Emperor as well as a rotating line up of other Norwegian luminaries. They released a number of solid, well received albums, notably their […]

Abnormality – Contaminating the Hive Mind

Do not assume that the lateness of this review is somehow indicative of procrastination resulting from indifference related to Abnormality’s Contaminating the Hive Mind. Said procrastination is the result of…well, whatever else might lead to procrastination. In any event, the Massachusetts’ act delivers a memorable effort here for which extra (figurative) points are awarded for […]

Animals Killing People / Andromorphus Rexalia – Phylum Morph-Apokalupsis

Phylum Morph-Apokalupsis is an 8 song split CD between two of New York finest,  gurgliest, messiest, grinding death metal/goregrind acts. You get 4 from each (though one of Animals Killing People‘s track is a cover) and the only real difference between the 2 sets of tracks is a few members here and there (both bands […]

Diminished – Rectal Torment

Texas brutal death grind band Diminished are back with another album chock full of slam riffs and gurgling vocals. With an album titled Rectal Torment, one should know what kind of genre they’re getting into but truth be told, I had a blast listening to this album. Blasting out of nowhere like your fat girl […]

Vomepotro – Liturgy of Dissection

Liturgy of Dissection arrived just in time, as I needed a fix of bullshit-free brutal death, the likes of which can be found on labels like Unmatched Brutality, Unique Leader, and especially Vomepotro’s home, Sevared Records. If there ever was a form of death metal that most either loved or hated it, it is the […]