Rectal Torment

Texas brutal death grind band Diminished are back with another album chock full of slam riffs and gurgling vocals. With an album titled Rectal Torment, one should know what kind of genre they’re getting into but truth be told, I had a blast listening to this album.

Blasting out of nowhere like your fat girl friend’s farts “The Descent of Man” sets the tone for the whole album; short songs and technical blasts of brutal death grind soil the already rancid air. The song ends with a sample from South Park and fades out with some groovy slam riffs. It isn’t until the third song “Oppressed by Tyranny” where the band experiments with a few different ideas and actually presents us with a full track. Taking a more death metal approach-the band gloriously combines ridiculous drumming with ultra heavy breakdown riffs (Suffocation) and a sick bass part half way through the song. That instantly recalls the killer bass part in “Slit Your Guts” by Cryptopsy.

The next two tracks are among my favorites on the album. “Impurity” opens with some clean guitar melodies and a twisted solo before the blast beats wreck and ravage ones ears. The song “Vanity’s Illusion” brings forth fast riffage with the occasional pinch harmonics and sweeping solo’s thrown in for good measure. The breakdown that ends the song is absolutely terrifying and nut crushingly beautiful all at the same time.

The band serves us more death grind madness with the rest of the album yet the other songs seem to act as filler. Since only half of the albums eight songs consist of variety the band suffers from the same repetitive notion-that all bands in the brutal death metal genre sound alike. But that is quickly forgiven because the album is less than twenty minutes.

All in all it’s a strong and catchy death metal album. If you’re a fan of heavy shit definitely give these dudes a listen.

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Written by Jesse Wolf
February 22nd, 2011


  1. Commented by: faust666

    Ate some spicy fajitas tonight. There’s gonna be some rectal torment tomorrow morning.

  2. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    that is a really fucked up album cover. no thanks.

  3. Commented by: vugelnox

    seems like the bands on Sevared keep trying to go further over the edge with the album art. I thought the Cesspool of Vermin and Extirpating the Infected covers were bonkers but this one takes the crown.

  4. Commented by: Reignman35

    Good album, but if you like this one you should check out their first one “Chainsaw Cunt”… much better. As for the cover and stuff I agree with the other posters. The one lyrical idea in metal I have never been in favor of is the whole ‘violence against women’ subject, but each to their own.

  5. Commented by: shaden

    i think some people miss the whole point of the cover art and lyrical content.

    for the record this album cover is absolutely tame to most of the records i own.

    disgorge’s(mexico)forensick cover picture is where it’s at.

  6. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    “miss the point?” what’s the point of a graphic, callous depiction of sexual assault, dude? please. tell me.

  7. Commented by: billy steamroll

    i dont think anybody should be complaining about the cover art. what do you expect from brutal death grind? its fitting for the genre. besides its all art no matter how grotesque and disturbing you find it to be. besides were here to talk about the music anyway

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