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Kvelertak – Splid

Sometimes it’s the dumbest things that cause you the most stress. When I was younger, dumber, and usually a whole lot drunker, choosing a playlist at a house party was so much easier. For one thing, college kids are usually more open to experiences and surroundings that they might not be all that familiar with, […]

Color Morale, The – My Devil In Your Eyes

It seems lately I’ve been getting into this newer version of post-hardcore that’s been hitting the market. I never been much a fan of the genre, as most bands tend to sound the exact same, but I finally decided to give a few bands in the genre some spins. Low and behold, I’m slowly gaining […]

Red Shore, The – Unconsecrated

Here’s another late 2009 release that is worth your while even if you can look past the fact that the moniker, label, logo, cover art and band’s looks scream Hot Topic deathcore. The fact is though, Australia’s The Red Shore, despite all the above going against them they are more along the lines of As […]

Those Who Lie Beneath – An Awakening

So a couple of recent Rise Records releases have broken away from the label’s recent trend of emo vocals filled metal or Hot Topic core (Attack Attack!, The Devils Wears Prada, The Bled, Sleeping With Sirens, Miss May I, etc). With two stout death metal/deathcore releases by way of Australia’s impressive The Red Shore and […]

Attack Attack! – Someday Came Suddenly

There’s a recent thread on the boards decrying the shitty scenester music that kids today are listening to, including the infamous BrokeNCYDE (which Erik Thomas just wiped his ass with a few weeks ago). Now, I’ve ignored the vast majority of all this stuff for the past ten years, going back to when pop punk […]

Devil Wears Prada, The – Plagues

I’ll be the first to admit that despite the band moniker the debut from this Christian, synth filled metalcore act Dear Love: A Beatiful Discord, was a surprisingly solid debut album and the follow up, Plagues pretty much continues that trend but with a caveat. I’ll also admit that I hate gimmicky synths, especially in […]

At The Throne of Judgment – The Arcanum Order

So recently, as if to beat The Black Dahlia Murder to the punch before the release of Nocturnal, I’ve received a slew of surprisingly good ‘Swedecore’ bands; (Woe of Tyrants, Sons Of Azrael, From the Shallows, Bring Me The Horizon, etc) all plying a heavier handed, more death and black metal based form of At […]

It Prevails – The Inspiration

I’m not sure what “It” is and how it is prevailing, but in the case of the debut record from this Portland melodic metalcore/hardcore act, “It” is a damn fine metalcore album for fans of Misery Signals, Means and Life in Your Way. Soaring, shimmering, layered melodies injected with some burlier moments, arguably more burly […]