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Requiem – Within Darkened Disorder

Requiem is a veteran death metal band from Switzerland that have just released their fifth album, Within Darkened Disorder on Twilight Vertrieb. Requiem plays a form of war death metal with old school influence as well as a more melodic tone (blackened). One thing is for sure that this album is powerful yet kind of […]

Winterhorde – Underwatermoon

Uh-huh! Israel’s Winterhorde’s new concept album Underwatermoon delivered, what some might call, a curveball straight to the balls. Without concerning myself with details, as the first few songs had passed, I was going to pinpoint the band’s take on melodic—if not lightly symphonic—blackened death metal somewhere between Western and Northern Europe; Germany, Italy, Scandinavia… but […]

Cypecore – Innocent

Melodic Death Metal is still alive and kicking it seems. Hell, even Soilwork released a surprisingly good record just the other day. Yet, the stagnation and overcrowding of the genre doesn’t keep newcomers away, as Germany’s Cypecore want their piece of the cake with Innocent. Apparently released two years ago as a demo, now reissued […]

Mosfet – Sickness of Memory

In most thrashy melo-death combos, vocalists are dumped in mid-tour for other dudes, and nobody, band or audiences, notices. Not so with Mosfet. As of Sickness of Memory, the most memorable item on hand is  their singer. Go figure. Anyway, he’s a dude somewhat tersely named Phil. This Phil, he’s all about  the cool death metal swagger, […]

Dagor Dagorath – Yetzer Ha’Ra

Germany’s Twilight Vertrieb is having a solid few months with releases by the likes of Lost Dreams, Mastic Scum, Abrogation, In Slumber, Requiem and the re-issue of The Monolith Deathcult’s White Crematorium album. Nothing ground breaking, but a solid slew of local death metal releases. However, mixed in with all those is the debut full […]

Gorath – MXCII

Lots of good Belgian stuff coming my way these days. Had some good Belgian chocolate the other day. Just found out that a restaurant that specializes in excellent Belgian brews and sour Flemish ales – not to mention the requisite mussels and fries – is opening about ten minutes from my house. And now here […]