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Winterhorde – Maestro

So here is yet more symphonic, keyboard drenched metal adding to this year’s plethora of quality orchestra and keyboard filled releases, they cover all genres. This time it’s in the form of the third album from Israel’s 7 piece act, Winterhorde, and it resides in a sort of melodic, symphonic black metal, but with expansive, progressive […]

Winterhorde – Underwatermoon

Uh-huh! Israel’s Winterhorde’s new concept album Underwatermoon delivered, what some might call, a curveball straight to the balls. Without concerning myself with details, as the first few songs had passed, I was going to pinpoint the band’s take on melodic—if not lightly symphonic—blackened death metal somewhere between Western and Northern Europe; Germany, Italy, Scandinavia… but […]