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Oceanwake – Earthen

Back in 2015, this Finnish act released their second album, Sunless. It was an ambitious affair that tried to mix traditional Finnish doom/death and post rock-y/ Neurosis-y like atmospherics and builds with mixed results. The follow up album, Earthen, consisting of 2, twenty + minute songs tries almost the same recipe, maybe with more post rock […]

Winterhorde – Maestro

So here is yet more symphonic, keyboard drenched metal adding to this year’s plethora of quality orchestra and keyboard filled releases, they cover all genres. This time it’s in the form of the third album from Israel’s 7 piece act, Winterhorde, and it resides in a sort of melodic, symphonic black metal, but with expansive, progressive […]

Diabolical – Umbra EP

The last time I heard this long standing but overlooked Swedish melodic death metal act was 2008s The Gallery of Bleeding Art, a promising album that scattered some orchestral/symphonic and choral flourishes around a sold Swedish death metal/melodic death metal backbone. I missed 2013s Neogenesis, so I can’t comment on the bands development between those two […]

Ugly, The – Decreation

I pressed play on Decreation, the second album from Stockholm’s The Ugly, fully expecting some spikes, beer ‘n’ Satan drenched black thrash. And while the band may have started out in that style on their demos, (I can’t speak for 2008 debut Slaves to the Decay), Decreation follows a much purer, black path of fellow Swedes […]

Oceanwake – Sunless

I’m having a hard time coming to grips with the second album from Finland’s Oceanwake, Sunless. Not that I don’t like it or anything, it’s just its sort of in stylistic limbo between traditional melancholic lumbering Finnish doom metal and a more Post Metal ebb akin to country mates Callisto or fellow Europeans like Desert Beneath […]

Loch Vostok – From These Waters

So this “extreme progressive metal’  movement is becoming I thing I see. The Great Discord, Black Crown Initiate, Ne Obliviscaris, France’s Maladie, and this long running Swedish act named after a subterranean lake in Antarctica are delivering metal that switches on a dime between prog metal, thrash, technical death metal, symphonic metal, power metal and everything else under the metal […]

Scarab – Serpents of the Nile

It would be easy for a casual death metal listener or fan to look at Scarab‘s moniker, imagery, song titles like “Calling Forth the Ancient Spirits of Kemet”, “Days of a Burial Mask”, and “Funeral Pharaoh” and long song runtime and instantly assume these guys are a Nile ripoff. And to some extent that’s true, […]

Solace of Requiem – Casting Ruin

If you have “EPIC FUCKING BRUTALITY” emblazoned across the inner sleeve of your album, you had better fucking follow through and luckily Virginia’s Solace of Requiem do on their impressive, fourth effort, Casting Ruin. Though their fourth album, this is my first encounter with the band  (Richard Gulczynski, Jeff Sumrell and Dave Tedesco- also unfamiliar to me despite […]

Souldrainer – Architect

Sometimes a band has subtle nuanced influences in their chose sound. Sometimes bands are a little more obvious in wearing their influences on their sleeves, and sometimes as in the case of Sweden’s Souldrainer, they say ‘fuck you,  here’s the band we love and we are going to sound exactly like them’. For Souldrainer,  a band featuring […]

Syn:drom – With Flesh Unbound

If you enjoyed Aeon’s recent Path of Fire opus or even thought is was a bit safe, then be sure to check out the debut from fellow Swedes Syn:drom (all the –tion and –blood names are officially taken I guess?) as it delivers a high quality death metal assault that competently mixes brutality, technicality and […]