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Emmure – Look At Yourself

  When Erik asked if anyone wanted to review the new Emmure album no one was chomping at the bit to do the review, except for me.  Being a long standing fan of the band, I really wanted to review this. I know how polarizing the band is to many in the metal community, due […]

Emmure – Speaker of the Dead

The chances of one liking Emmure is determined if they can withstand an album chock full of breakdowns. Not just a breakdown here or there–no way–this is a situation where the album is one giant breakdown that also gave birth to little breakdowns and… hell, you get the picture. Anyway, Emmure are back with another […]

Emmure – The Respect Issue

After boldy claiming their Victory Records debut Goodbye to the Gallows was the ‘most brutal CD of 2007′, Emmure return with their more humble, yet equally devastating follow up. And while admittedly, most metal heads will turn up their nose at this group of cocked hat, short haired kids and their hoodies, but truth be […]

Emmure – Goodbye to the Gallows

Last year The Acacia Strain declared that their third album The Dead Walk, was ‘The heaviest album of the year. Period’. In 2007, Connecticut’s Emmure claim to have the most ‘Brutal CD of 2007′. The thing is depending on your definition of heavy or brutal, both are right. I had all sorts of put-downs ready […]