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Necronoclast – Ashes

Ah! The tortuous sounds of one man black metal. Music so different it prefers a more shrouded and mysterious nature. But sometimes it comes out from the woodwork and deserves everyone’s undivided attention — except for scene kids, tools, and anyone that loves MTV. One man black metal is a hard genre of music to […]

Necronoclast – Haven

To an untrained ear or mind, a frightening violation of the senses like this is hard to stomach. The soundscape presented is bleak, unsettling, and chaotic, yet melodic and textured at the same time. If you’re into the disturbed extremities of heavy music then look no further. There is nothing pretty about Haven and one […]

Necronoclast – Monument

Songs to leave you hanging. If you do it right you can listen to the whole album while dangling before you suffocate, but there is not really much point because there is nothing new to discover on later songs, so go ahead and kick the chair out and snap your neck. Another one man Burzum […]

Necronoclast – The Plague

What still with us? Here is another album of songs to leave the land of the living. Got a suicide pact in the works? Call them all over, here is the disc to get it done with, stop procrastinating. Necronoclast is back for their debut release for Moribund and second full length overall. Same formula, […]