Legendary Australian BM band NAZXUL sign to Moribund

It is with great pride + excitement that MORIBUND announces the signing of legendary Australian black metal band NAZXUL. The label will be releasing the band’s highly anticipated comeback album, Iconoclast, later this summer. The band’s first new studio release in more than a decade, Iconoclast carries all the hallmarks of classic NAZXUL – unremitting barbarity vs. cosmic atmosphere – but takes them into deeper, more haunting hinterlands of the imagination.

A statement from the band reads as thus: “After a decade of silence, the long-anticipated return of the Antipodean cult has arrived. The forefathers of Australian black metal, NAZXUL have unleashed upon the world the long-awaited Iconoclast album. Eight new tracks of unrelenting black metal in the unique style forged by NAZXUL in the early ’90s, which set these faceless phantoms apart from their contemporaries. The Iconoclast work explores brutality, speed, epic orchestration and occult themes more intensely than any previous releases by NAZXUL, thus crowning Iconoclast as a supreme release and NAZXUL’s Magnum Opus. NAZXUL is dead – all hail NAZXUL!”

PLEASE NOTE: Eisenwald will be handling the release of Iconoclast for all European territories while MORIBUND while handle all other parts of the world.

NAZXUL released their Totem debut in 1995, and the album has since been afforded “classic” status. The band followed up it with the Black Seed EP in 1998, further cementing their cult status. A live picture disc followed in 2002, and the band laid low for the rest of the decade, mostly concentrating on soundtrack work. Members have played in Mortal Sin, Sadistik Exekution, Drowning the Light, Slaughter Lord, Astriaal, Vassafor, Nox Inferi, Toil, and Pestilential Shadows among others. Plans are already afoot for worldwide touring, including NAZXUL’s first appearance on North American soil. For more info, consult http://www.myspace.com/nazxul.