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Avsky – Scorn

The malignancy seems to have entered remission. The sound is clearer and cleaner, the guitar tone of voice is less threatening with a more expressive feel, mixing in bonafied solos, and the steady strumming has reemerged re-imagined as an actual discernible rhythm. The overarching pacing has quickened to a crawl, and at times a trot. […]

AVSKY recording new album!

Swedish black metal cult AVSKY are currently recording their third album (and second for MORIBUND RECORDS), to be titled Scorn.  Reports guitarist/bassist AE, “We’re extremely satisfied with the result so far. The material is much better and more complex than before, and we will have Nox from CRAFT make a guest appearance on one of […]

Avsky – Malignant

Forget second wave, this is throwback to first wave style. The emphasis is on harsh, done through lots of distortion. Aggression and hate, no whining about suicide and depression. The pace is slow and even and the songs are guitar driven not drum driven. They obviously paid attention to the 90’s even though they are […]