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Necronoclast – Haven

To an untrained ear or mind, a frightening violation of the senses like this is hard to stomach. The soundscape presented is bleak, unsettling, and chaotic, yet melodic and textured at the same time. If you’re into the disturbed extremities of heavy music then look no further. There is nothing pretty about Haven and one […]

Nastrond – Muspellz Synir

I thought Nåstrond was a thing of the past until I picked up the split release with Myrkr that came out last year. That put Nåstrond back on my one to watch list. I first discovered them back in 1995 when I came across them in a Full Moon catalog and figured no way I […]

I Shalt Become – Requiem

Ten years ago this band released a demo nobody ever saw, then disappeared. Now he is back claiming a 13 year history with Requiem. Apparently this is no longer an NS band. It all starts with an atmospheric intro called “Intro”. “Cleansed” allows you to focus on instrumentation or quite awhile before the vocals kick […]

Avsky – Malignant

Forget second wave, this is throwback to first wave style. The emphasis is on harsh, done through lots of distortion. Aggression and hate, no whining about suicide and depression. The pace is slow and even and the songs are guitar driven not drum driven. They obviously paid attention to the 90’s even though they are […]

Behexen – My Soul For His Glory

You know that noise a screaming baby makes just after you slit her throat? Torog captured it perfectly on Rituale Satanum but has since bled out and now sings with the voice of the demon that possesses him. The most obvious change is more growl less shriek and the vocals are less powerfully rendered in […]

Leviathan – Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

With over an hour of pleasure ahead of me, I inserted Massive Conspiracy Against All Life into my cd player, lamenting the demise of the band at the same time. I was fully prepared to bump “Shed This Skin”, “It Comes in Whispers”, “Hanged Man”, “He Whom Shadows Move Towards”, and “Ruminating in Hatemagick” from […]

Brown Jenkins – Angel Eyes

So here is Umesh’s second release of droning, one man black metal for Moribund, and while still retaining the undulating, icky undercurrent of the claustrophobic Dagonite, Angel Eyes sees more of a focus on sickly doomy riffs rather than ambience or mood, and the result while certainly oozing with tentacled horror and dread, is at […]

Necronoclast – Monument

Songs to leave you hanging. If you do it right you can listen to the whole album while dangling before you suffocate, but there is not really much point because there is nothing new to discover on later songs, so go ahead and kick the chair out and snap your neck. Another one man Burzum […]

Necronoclast – The Plague

What still with us? Here is another album of songs to leave the land of the living. Got a suicide pact in the works? Call them all over, here is the disc to get it done with, stop procrastinating. Necronoclast is back for their debut release for Moribund and second full length overall. Same formula, […]

Azaghal – Omega

Stand the old adage on its head; if it sounds good it is good. With Azaghal if it sounds bad it is good. Azaghal is one of those bands that never disappoint. There are many bands that are more talented and scores that are less talented but Azaghal keep on churning out enjoyably crude raw […]

Animus Mortis – Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)

Despite hailing from Chile, hardly the black metal capital of the world, Animus Mortis have some experience with members all being or have been in obscure acts such as The Last Knell, Hetroertzen, Oculus, Ruined Sanctuary, Leuku, Nefastus Abbatia, Wildes Heer, Gorjeo Seglar, Hominis Nocturna, and it shows on the proper debut ‘on loan’ (licensed) […]

Corpus Christii – Rising

With Corpus Christii I am along for the ride because of the commitment of Horrendus and cohorts, and that their townsfolk probably shun them is an added bonus. Five full-length recordings and four eps precede this disc in a decade of steady output. This Portuguese band is really Nocturnus Horrendus and a stream of session […]

Satan’s Host – Great American Scapegoat

So after recently re-issuing 2004’s Burning The Born Again and 2006’s Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick. Moribund has unearthed and dusted off veteran Colorado underground act Satan’s Host, whose discography dates back to 1986 without any sort of real fanfare or groundbreaking releases, and that hasn’t changed with their new offering. Apparently, the band […]

Grimbane – Let The Empires Fall

Though Moribund Records is often more known for its ambient black metal roster, they also seem to have a boner for gnarly old school black/death metal like Drawn and Quartered, Hacavitz, Summon, Godless Rising, Satan’s Host and Canada’s Grimbane. Consisting of main man Barbarous who some may recognize from the his days in War metal […]

Satan’s Host – Burning the Born Again Re-issue

Satan’s Host “Burning the Born Again” I first learned of this band back in 1996 through tape trading. I friend was really interested in Einherjer’s, Dragon’s Of The North, but had nothing of interest to me so I let him choose something. He made me a tape of Jag Panzer’s Dissident Alliance and being a […]

Satan’s Host – Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick Re-issue

This is Moribund’s second reissue of American thrash band Satan’s Host. This album was first released in 2006. According to the press release this is mandatory for fans of Slayer, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and Nile. Being a fan of the early material of the first two and not a fan of the last two might […]

Brown Jenkins – Dagonite

As unorthodox as it is, the name Brown Jenkins didn’t immediately recall the H.P. Lovecraft character, but rather the Zambian street ‘drug’ Jenkem. Maybe it’s my frame of mind at the moment. Loosely based on “The Shadow over Innsmouth,” Mr. Jenkins produces a sludgy, repetitive, facile black-doom that sounds like the air in Innsmouth smells. […]

Brown Jenkins – Dagonite

Moribund has been in a bit of a slump recently, having to dig up various obscure one man USBM metal projects and re-issue or release some pretty mediocre stuff, so when the oddly titled , Lovecraftian named Brown Jenkins came in my mail box I was a little leery. The brain child of now sole […]

Godless Rising – Battle Lords

Continually reminding us that the band was once comprised of 2 original Vital Remains members on the Let Us Pray album, Godless Rising are back with their full length debut after their decent but rather non descript old school death metal EP. What we have here is some classic old school death metal from the […]

Drawn and Quartered – Merciless Hammer of Lucifer

Continuing their brand of heavily (and I mean heavily) Immolation and Incantation inspired form of consistent, muddy, torrid yet forgetful death metal, Seattle’s Drawn and Quartered are back with album number 5, and while it’s certainly not a bad album, it’s not really an album we need this year. Admittedly, Drawn and Quartered make no […]

Dodsferd – Cursing Your Will To Live

Black metal for misanthropic Luddites gets another boost from Wrath. Raw, orthodox production values and defiance of modern recording technology are on display once again. Cursing Your Will To Live is album number three in a year and a half, and he managed a split release in there as well. Usually such a proliferation would […]

Hacavitz – Katun

Here is the second album from this Mexican supergroup of sorts featuring members of Impiety and Ravager, and despite some slightly more primal production values than Veganza, Katun is a vitriolic, slightly ethnic tinged slice of blistering Angelcorpse worship, that outdoes the source material’s latest effort. With a slightly muffled rums and more raw guitars, […]

Fear of Eternity – Funeral Mass

Please god, make him stop. Not content with releasing 36 albums in 123 days from Italy’s one man mope fest Fear Of Eternity (aka Andrea Tilenni of Sinoath), now we get a re-issue of the 2001 demo that somehow got the man a 345 album deal with Moribund Cult. Ye gods. How a quality label […]

Behexen/Horna – Split Re-Issue

I was a long holdout from the cd format, resisting until 1994 when I could no longer find things on either vinyl, first choice, or cassette, second choice, so when Horna started releasing vinyl only releases, even though my turntable was broken, I purchased each and every one of them starting with Sota. Eventually I […]

Musta Surma/Horna – Vida Vuodet Split (Reissue)

First I must state that these releases represent one thing, classic limited releases selling for exorbitant prices are now widely available. As a bonus, these songs are on cd format for the world audience. I already own both the vinyl and cd releases of these gems and purchased the cd version because I was too […]