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Horna/Musta Surma – Vida Vuodet Split (Reissue)

First I must state that these releases represent one thing, classic limited releases selling for exorbitant prices are now widely available. As a bonus, these songs are on cd format for the world audience. I already own both the vinyl and cd releases of these gems and purchased the cd version because I was too […]

Horna/Behexen – Split (Reissue)

I was a long holdout from the cd format, resisting until 1994 when I could no longer find things on either vinyl, first choice, or cassette, second choice, so when Horna started releasing vinyl only releases, even though my turntable was broken, I purchased each and every one of them starting with Sota. Eventually I […]

Apostolum – Anedonia EP

One only need look at the cover and the label affiliation to determine the style of music Italy’s Apostolum ply; dark, depressive, doomy, black metal. Unfortunately though, it’s not very good, not Fear of Eternity bad, but certainly not up to Moribund’s usual high standards. This introductory 5 track EP consists of the expected atmospheric […]

Dodsferd – Fucking Your Creation

first encountered Dodsferd mid 2006 when I ordered Desecrating the Spirit of Life from based upon one phrase “Nordic-influenced Black Metal is heavily inspired by USBM legend Judas Iscariot” Being a Motorhead purist (the first album I ever bought with my own money was Overkill in 79) I immediately appreciated the scratchy rasp of […]

Xasthur – Xasthur EP

Xasthur is addictive. Never great, often dull, amazingly addictive. Modern Psychedelic US Black Metal is what the Moribund press release calls Xasthur. At least we have finally gotten past the suicidal depressive tag that was always misleading and inaccurate, despite the reappearing noose. They do however use the words despair and dreary. Maybe it is […]

Azrael – Into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse

Just like the band finding no need for lyrics or song titles, this music defies words of description. You simply have to hear it for yourself. The instrumentation is often excellent and those sections that the metal-in-the-narrow-sense fan would recognize are well done but simply not very important in the overall makeup of the album. […]

Leviathan – Tentacles of Whorror

The master of suicidal black metal returns with another twisted tale of madness, despair, isolation and pain. As usual, what stands out most is Wrest’s unmistakable voice. From album to album, Wrest is consistent in style and many songs would not feel out of place on any of his releases. If this kind of lack […]

Xasthur – Telepathic with the Deceased

This album would be more appropriately named Telapathetic with the Deceased, though I’m being overly harsh. On first listen I admit to being disappointed. The vocals are buried, the mix is horrible and the music is watered down suicide/doom black metal; run of the mill uninspired, unoriginal, monotonous.This one man band has been around nearly […]

Leviathan – The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide

This 10 song 70 minute album by the U.S. based black metal misanthrope, Wrest, is described as Judas Iscariot grimness meets Burzum’s mesmerizing quality. Wrest calls it dark art for the satanic elite. Wrest performs all instruments in this mostly slow, pointedly simple music. It does have the mesmerizing quality of old Burzum, but not […]

Thy Infernal – Warlords of Hell

This old style keyboardless black metal band from the Pacific Northwest has been around for a few years. Warlords of Hell is a successful follow up to Satan’s Wrath. While it might be a stretch to refer to them as maturing, they are definitely more accomplished musically. Where Satan’s Wrath was an interesting if not […]