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Dodsferd – Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow

Right before my former writing job at Metal Maniacs went titties up, I had been given the assignment to do a couple of pages on Dodsferd, and the sole proprietor involved in the project, Wrath. (Just an a side note here; why is it that in all these one man projects the lone guy has […]

Dodsferd – Cursing Your Will To Live

Black metal for misanthropic Luddites gets another boost from Wrath. Raw, orthodox production values and defiance of modern recording technology are on display once again. Cursing Your Will To Live is album number three in a year and a half, and he managed a split release in there as well. Usually such a proliferation would […]

Dodsferd – Fucking Your Creation

first encountered Dodsferd mid 2006 when I ordered Desecrating the Spirit of Life from based upon one phrase “Nordic-influenced Black Metal is heavily inspired by USBM legend Judas Iscariot” Being a Motorhead purist (the first album I ever bought with my own money was Overkill in 79) I immediately appreciated the scratchy rasp of […]