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Ayat – Six Years of Dormant Hatred

As much as I love nasty scary black metal like Anaal Nathrakh, Xasthur, Dagon, Leviathan, Deathspell Omega and such, I have a hard time dealing with such music coming from the relatively peaceful climates of France, England, California, Texas and San Francisco , and while those acts have no doubt injected plenty of hatred, spite, and […]

Lebanese black metal band Ayat sign with Moribund!

Moribund is extremely pleased to announce the signing of Lebanese duo Ayat. Absolutely the most insane and crazed band the label’s heard in forever, Ayat’s forthcoming Six Years of Dormant Hatred album is a nuclearblackmetalgoatpunk assault on everyone and everything, poetic in its depravity but unmindful of its consequences. In a prepared statement, vocalist Filthy […]