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Hacavitz – Muerte

During the total eclipse of the sun earlier this year, I wasn’t as stupid as most of the population seems to have been by looking at the sun, I admit to taking pictures of it. It was a bit magical, I had a bonfire going, and through no consequence at all I ended up listening […]

Hacavitz – Metztli Obscura

This album starts off with “to meet again,” I never met them the first time. Here is obscure metal from Mexico, care of Moribund, with a nicely detailed album cover that screams bash and bellow war metal. In that sense I am not disappointed. These guys can bash with the best of them, but the […]

Hacavitz – Katun

Here is the second album from this Mexican supergroup of sorts featuring members of Impiety and Ravager, and despite some slightly more primal production values than Veganza, Katun is a vitriolic, slightly ethnic tinged slice of blistering Angelcorpse worship, that outdoes the source material’s latest effort. With a slightly muffled rums and more raw guitars, […]