SATAN’S HOST studio update

Reports SATAN’S HOST vocalist Eli Elixir, “We are currently pre-producing all the trax for this new CD as with finishing up the writing process in our studio, Satan’s Grotto Chamber. Date is set for entering the studio¬† 4/29/09 to 5/31/09. Together, we have been working very diligently with our new ideas, riffs, beats, lyrics, and concepts. After last year’s ‘Assault of Evil Tour,’ we had so many ideas and new theories that we were willing to work into our Metal from Hell…666.

“The newest lineup is working out to be great chemistry. New drummer Evil Little Hobbit is working out well. His archive of authentic beats, from his library in various generations through metal, are very well applied as well as empowering, definitely taking our compositions into a whole new realm of integrity to the Satanic Metal…666. Hail Satan! In such a short period of time, this newest metal warrior has achieved more than those of the past…great work, evil brother…333.

“Guitar work, as with bass work, for this new CD will be recorded by Patrick Evil. Stellar work, truly that of the greatest guitarist in all generations of metal who have ever been and yet to be in time and history. Leads and riffs are fucking mind-altering and aggressively fueled by the power of Satan! Filled with dark melody and different twisted-spiraling ‘Black-Thrash Kaos.’ Each track is very unique and different, capturing the wide array of old-school depths and passion in the human soul of darkness.

“Vocals and lyrics by Elixir are very powerful, filled with a wide array of movements and various of octaves and ranges, truly mixing up the melody lines and the tones on these compositions. Lyrics are very enlightening, filled with degrees of Satanic LAW and Poetic Integrity, enrapturing the reader/listener with Luciferian Theorems and Practices, hybriding a dark-fantasy poetic style into each composition, which enables the story to be captured by all the varieties of modes applied on this new CD. Ave LUCIFER…999.

“We are very prepared for this new ritual, summoning the energies of SATAN through our Will, through our METAL…666. This will be our fourth CD recorded with Dave Otero and Flatline Audio. We have a shorter timeframe to work in this go-round, so we have and continually are preparing ourselves to go in and unleash our perfected primal powers of LORD SATAN…666!!!”

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