Candlelight signs Susperia

Candlelight confirms the worldwide signing of Norway’s Susperia. Currently finishing work on their fifth album, the band recently announced a string of early spring UK dates that will kick off what is expected to be a busy year for the popular Norwegian metal band. “Ten years and still the same five guys,” exclaims vocalist Athera of the band’s long commitment to their music. “We have worked nearly two years on this material, perfecting it for your pleasure and our devoted fans. It will take you back to the early days with melancholic riffing and dark emotional vocals. It’s a perfect blend of everything Susperia has been and become.”

“A blend of thrash metal drawing on influences that include Sepultura, Anthrax, and Testament,” says of Susperia’s now highly regarded sound. The popular music portal continues its early 2005 review noting “their songs are melodic yet intense and forceful, and shredding guitars are the rule.” Formed in 1998 by drummer Tjodalv (then of Dimmu Borgir) and guitarist Cyrus (then of Satyricon/Old Man’s Child), the band released their debut, Predominance, via Nuclear Blast in 2001. The band’s much-acclaimed second album, Vindication, followed in 2003. Signing with Norwegian-based Tabu Records (with release in the US via Candlelight Records) in 2004, the band released their third album, Unlimited, later that year. Brave Words Bloody Knuckles called the album, “a scorcher from start to finish, on par with Testament classic The Gathering.”

A powerful live act, the band has consistently remained focused to the live arena. With numerous high profile support, headline and festival appearances, one of the band’s most cherished experiences thus far remains supporting the newly reformed Testament in late 2005. The dates would culminate in the release of the band’s Norwegian charting mini-album Devil May Care. Work on their fourth album, Cut From Stone, would see out the end of the year. Unfortunately due to financial constraints two tries to visit the US to support the Daniel Bergstrand-produced album during 2007/08 would set back the album’s overall sales target but the band remained committed. Touring Europe, including numerous dates with W.A.S.P, the band’s ambitions stayed and continue to remain in tact. “We now have the backing of one label worldwide and this is going to make life easier for us,” says bassist Memnock. “We hope that finally we get to play to our American fans.”

Susperia’s still untitled label debut is expected for release early summer. Recorded in Norway it was mixed at Studio Fredman in Sweden. Susperia currently includes guitarists Cyrus and Elvorn, bassist Memnock, with drummer Tjodalv and vocalist Athera.