Deranged Call it Quits

According to Vocalist Martin Schönherr of Swedish death metallers DERANGED, the long running band has decided to call it a day. The vocalist has issued the following update:

“Sad news… A couple of weeks ago Rikard Wermén [drums] decided to leave the band. He’s been handling all of the band’s correspondence (as well as any other matters concerning the band) the last 15 years and told us that he basically was fed up and didn’t want to do that any longer and therefore decided to leave the band. He’s been doing a really great work and has always managed to squeeze in time to handle the band’s business. He also said numerous times that he will stay and do whatever shows that was booked but wouldn’t handle any correspondence and the likes, and even said if we managed to get a tour later this year, he would stay for that as well in case we hadn’t managed to get a new drummer. Fair enough, and we thank him eternally for that… Now, Johan Axelsson [guitar] said that he didn’t want to do the booked shows and wanted to split the band up (‘coz of reasons unknown) which leaves me and Tomas Ahlgren [bass] no other choice then hereby say that we can’t play the [previously announced European festivals plus the Maryland Deathfest in the U.S.]. Therefore DERANGED are from now on split up.”

DERANGED’s seventh full-length album, The Redlight Murder Case, was released last month via Regain Records. Drummer Rikard Wermén previously stated about the CD, “It is the best musical work we have so far accomplished under the name DERANGED. It’s brutal and insane, and will hopefully leave you dead with a broken neck in the pit.”