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Deranged – The Red Light Murder Case

I’ll admit for having a bit of a soft spot for Sweden’s Deranged, because their self titled fourth album, was one of my very first reviews for digitalmetal, and I conversed with drummer Richard Wermen for quite a bit after that. So, I was a bit upset when I heard that this album was be […]

Deranged Call it Quits

According to Vocalist Martin Schönherr of Swedish death metallers DERANGED, the long running band has decided to call it a day. The vocalist has issued the following update: “Sad news… A couple of weeks ago Rikard Wermén [drums] decided to leave the band. He’s been handling all of the band’s correspondence (as well as any […]

Deranged – Plainfield Cemetery

Rhetorically, I imagine I you meet death metal bands in a bar, Origin would try to impress you with clever sleight of hand tricks. Bolt Thrower might lumber over and give you a gruff nod and mumbled brummie greeting. Nile may strike up a deep conversation concerning mummies, pyramids, Isis and such. Deranged however would […]

Deranged – Deranged

This is my first experience with this band, although it is their fourth full-length release. So much for being gentle the first time. I have not been this blasted into this kind of audio submission since Cryptopsy’s Whisper Supremacy. There have been some impressive releases in to heavier end of the Death metal/grindcore spectrum (Soils […]