Earache Records, the original home of many of the bands who created the grindcore genre, is set to release a special 118-track, 3-CD compilation called GRIND MADNESS AT THE BBC (THE EARACHE PEEL SESSIONS), featuring some of the first ever grindcore recordings.

The tracks are all taken from the legendary JOHN PEEL’s early BBC radio sessions, which were recorded at the Maida Vale studios in London, UK between 1987 and 1990, and mark a historic moment in the world of extreme music. From the earliest days of Earache Records, JOHN PEEL was a huge supporter of the label and its extreme bands, offering the likes of HERESY and NAPALM DEATH the chance to lay down some tracks for his national UK radio show. In subsequent years, bands such as NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS have credited PEEL with kick-starting their careers.

Now, Earache Records has obtained the rights from the BBC to release these groundbreaking radio sessions in their entirety for the first time. The three-disc set features 118 tracks of classic recordings from NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, BOLT THROWER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, GODFLESH, HERESY, UNSEEN TERROR and INTENSE DEGREE, combining to a total running time of over three and a half hours.

The three-disc set comes housed in a slipcase sleeve and includes an extensive interview with ex-NAPALM DEATH drummer and inventor of the term “grindcore”, MICK HARRIS.

Check out the cover art for GRIND MADNESS AT THE BBC at http://earacherecords.com/myspace/GrindMadness.jpg

GRIND MADNESS AT THE BBC (THE EARACHE PEEL SESSIONS) is due to be released on October 12th.

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