Independent Band Plans to Set the World of Music on Fire
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Independent Goth Rock/Metal up-and-comers, Ellsbeth, have finally released their first studio album “Well Dressed Killing Machine” on ITunes. The album, which came out on April 1st, was co/produced by Chris Spilfogel (Dreamgirls, Hairspray), as well as Ellsbeth’s guitarist, Sean Lacefield. “Well Dressed Killing Machine“, featured 11 original tracks, and the music has been described as “honest” with a “striking melody”. The band has already gained a cult following across the nation.

Ellsbeth was formed in 2005 with a goal to set the world of music on fire. After numerous lineup changes, the band is ready to fulfill this dream. The five musicians that make up the female fronted band have gathered from all across the US to bring music that is true and sincere to the masses. With lyrics that are drawn from the “ironic tragedy that is the inner, day-to-day workings of a very human life and the relationships that bind them together,” Ellsbeth creates music that people can relate to.

Ellsbeth plans to support the new album with a nationwide, headlining, summer tour that will kick off in late July. The band is still finalizing the dates, which will be released in the coming weeks.

The band’s guitarist, Sean Lacefield, can also be heard playing guitar and bass on the feature film, Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack, where he has 11 credits to his name. Lacefield co-produced two striking tracks; ‘Repo Man’ and ‘The Aching Hour’ featuring renowned soprano/performer, Sarah Brightman. 

Ellsbeth is…

Shannon Quamme – Vox/Writer
Sean Lacefield – Guitar/Writer
Scott Ramsay – Guitar
Jim Dineen – Bass
Jay Liermann – Drums