Life In Your Way says Goodbye!

According to a statement at the band’s official website, Conneticutt Christian metalcore act have decided to call it a day:

“It has become apparent to us that ending now on a good note would be the best way to go out for Life In Your Way. Of course there are specific reasons why it is a good time to end the over 9 years of music, touring, band member changes, hundreds of different merchandise designs, passions and frustrations of being in a band for that long. There is no reason to get into each one; they are just the obvious if you know the life of musicians in this kind of scene.

“We’ve loved every minute of it! Some or our biggest joys in life has come from being in this group. Meeting people all around the country and world, getting to know some of our favorite bands and building relationships that outlast a band or a genre. This has been the biggest blessing. The music we’ve been able to write, producers we’ve been amazed with and record labels that have believed in us has been a dream come true. We hope our music will live on for people, having a strong grasp on fans and new fans to come. Without music the world would be entirely boring and even more self-destructive. All in all, LIYW has in no way been a waste of time for any of its members!

“We are still looking and waiting for where each one of us may go off to. There has been talk about doing another band with most of the members. It is a definite that we will all be involved in music for the rest of our lives. You can be on the look out for where each one of us might put our time into musically.

“We’d like to thank the following people and groups for their support, only more recent ones because the list would go on for ever from the past 9 years: Chad and Solid State/Tooth & Nail, Jay and Seth @ Buzzgrinder, Jay @ Daybreak Media, James and Faveur Fashion, Adam and Charlie @ ThreeBears, Rob and Dan @ Guitar Center Manchester, James and PrintIndie, Joshua @ Merchspin, Jesse and Joshua @ The Anchor in Nashville/Anchor Stage, Ryan Rado, Tara Ruttle @ Back Bay Booking, Scott @ Kobra Klutch, Greg @ Silver Bullet Studios, Orange Amps, Truth Drums, Ernie Ball and most importantly our families, friends, all the great bands we know, The local kids from Connecticut and anyone who has bought a CD of ours.

“The band is not over this moment. LIYW is coming up on a full US tour w/ Burden of a Day, Means, For Today and In Fear & Faith. This tour will definitely be the last for most of the country. It will be doing a small tour to Cornerstone in IL. Either way, the last will be local, in Connecticut. We will have some of our favorite bands play (our best friends in music). We’d ask for all to come out, young and old. We will be pulling out old material, songs from all 3 records. This grand finale will happen in late June to July.
“Come and catch the last show near you.
Thanks. Joshua and Life In Your Way”

Life In Your Way’s last album, Waking Giants was released on Solid State Records in 2007