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Life In Your Way – Kingdoms

I was pretty gutted when Life In Your Way broke up, especially on the heels of 2007s Waking Giants, one of my very favorite records of the years and favorite metalcore records ever.  Well, earlier this year, after a 4 year layoff, the band has mostly reunited (former Wrench in the Works drummer Andy Nelson […]

Life In Your Way says Goodbye!

According to a statement at the band’s official website, Conneticutt Christian metalcore act have decided to call it a day: “It has become apparent to us that ending now on a good note would be the best way to go out for Life In Your Way. Of course there are specific reasons why it is […]

Life In Your Way – Waking Giants

Regular readers of this site will know of my tolerance, nay affinity for metalcore, and I’m sure will question my like of a genre that most deem responsible for the downfall of metal as we know it. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s albums such as Waking Giants that bring back to this much maligned genre. I’ve […]