MARIONETTE Enters Studio, Taps Fredrik Nordström, Live Video Avaliable

Gothenburg based metal sextet MARIONETTE recently entered Studio PH with  Pontus Hjelm (Dead By April, ex Cipher System) to begin the tracking for the band’s follow-up to the 2008 release “Spite.” Also included in the recording team is two time Grammis award winner Åke Parmerud and metal extraordinaire Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, At The Gates, Zonaria). Guitarist and backing vocalist Aron Parmerud comments on the recording progress:
“Last week Anton and I arrived at Studio PH in Gothenburg to begin the recording process for our next album. We are working with Pontus Hjelm from Dead By April on the tracking process. In a week we have made good progress: drums are completed and guitars are being recorded as I type here! While Anton and I are working on the guitars in the coming weeks, Axel will come into the studio and record the vocal tracks. After the bass tracks are finished the tracking process will continue at Åke Parmerud’s studio, where Linus will lay down all the samples, keyboards, and synthesizers. In May, after the Electric Night Tour UK with
Deathstars and The Defiled, we will enter Studio Fredman to continue our work and mix the record with Fredrik Nordström. We will soon update you with more about the lyrics, mastering, and release dates, and you can certainly expect studio videos!

“Like “Spite” we have a great team of up-and-coming as well as established producers in the Swedish scene working with us. We know each person very well: we have worked with Åke Parmerud and Fredrik Nordström (“Terror Hearts” EP) in the past and know Pontus through Dead By April. Unlike the recording process of “Spite” we will record over a period of months, and we will have plenty of time try new things in the studio to make the album absolutely insane. Like Mikael mentioned before, every element that you heard on “Spite” will be taken to the extreme. At the same time, there is a clear evolution from “Spite” to this album. All of the live experience we have had while touring in support of “Spite” has made us more skillful as individual musicians and tighter as a band. All this will reflect itself on the album when it is in your hands!

“We will have some footage from the studio available soon; in the meantime you can check out some live footage and photos from our recent show in Gothenburg as support to the Deathstars and Sonic Syndicate.
Oslo, Helsingborg, and Copenhagen were all amazing shows as well, and we can’t wait to join up with the Deathstars and Sonic Syndicate again in Malmö for the final date of their tour. Now, back to recording…”

MARIONETTE will play direct support for DEATHSTARS on the upcoming “Electric Night UK Tour 2009”. Also on the tour will be The Defiled. See dates below:

08.04.2009 – O2 Academy 2, Oxford, UK
09.04.2009 – Corporation, Sheffield, UK
10.04.2009 – Rios, Leeds, UK
11.04.2009 – Spa Assembly, Leamington, UK
12.04.2009 – Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland
13.04.2009 – O2 Academy, Newcastle, UK
14.04.2009 – O2 Academy 2, Birmingham, UK
15.04.2009 – White Rabbit, Plymouth, UK
16.04.2009 – O2 Academy 2, Bristol, UK
17.04.2009 – Central Station, Wrexham, UK
18.04.2009 – Academy 3, Manchester, UK
19.04.2009 – O2 Academy 2, Liverpool, UK
20.04.2009 – Waterfront, Norwich, UK
21.04.2009 – O2 Academy Islington, London, UK
22.04.2009 – Concorde 2, Brighton, UK

Ticket Pre-Order:|artist=DEATHSTARS&resultsperpage=40&filler3=id1metalhammer

Quality video footage of Marionette’ performing the songs “Legion”, “Parasite” and “In Spite” from Brew House in Gothenburg on 08 Feburary 2009 can be viewed at the link below. The songs come from “Spite“:

MARIONETTE’s debut album, “Spite“, was released in North America via Koch/Listenable Records in September 2008. The album was released previously in April of that year via Listenable Records across Europe. “Spite” was recorded, mixed and mastered with a team of up-and-coming and established producers including Simon Exner, Christian Silver (Sonic Syndicate, The Crown, By Night) and two time Swedish Grammis winner Åke Parmerud. The music video for the song “Burn Me” can be viewed below: