Nekrogoblikon Offer Album Update

Northern/Southern California’s progressive/goblin-inspired metal outfit Nekrogoblikon have offered an update on their new album’s writing and production:

“Hails, goblin fans. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to: album album album. As many of you know, we’ve been hauling ass writing songs for almost two years now. Thankfully we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have 12 sweet tracks almost done for our sophomore album “STENCH“. We need to polish off the last 3 and we are going into the studio with the great Zack Ohren to start tracking drums. We’ve been playing most of these songs live in and around our home base of Santa Barbara, to fantastic response. You can check out “No One Survives” and “A Feast” on our myspace. Here is a tentative track list as of 11/25/08:

1. No One Survives
2. Bears
3. Condemned
4. Gallows And Graves
5. A Feast
6. Return To The Sky
8. The Bog
9. Nekropolis
10. The Plague
11. Prince Of The Land Of Stench
12. Entrails

A few goblin artists are crafting album art and merchandise art so expect some extremely awesome stuff on our myspace in the next few months. As far as touring, recording the album is our top priority, but after we’re done, we’ve got a lead on something massive brewing for Julyish of 2009.

We’re also going to be announcing a new (additional) keyboard player, as Nekrogoblikon is far too epic of a band for only two synthmasters… so now we have three. Nicholas Von Doom is going to be reducing his keyboarding role and concentrating more on being a ferocious frontman. You front row fans are gonna be covered with his phlegm at our next show, I promise.

Keep it green, keep it goblin.”