NOCTURNAL FEAR finish new album!

Detroit war-thrash commando NOCTURNAL FEAR have finished the recording of their fourth and latest album, Metal of Honor. Session vocals were handled by Doomy G. Blackthrash of comrades Sauron, as vocalist Necromodeus (ex-Summon, and the vocalist for last year’s Code of Violence) has since departed the band. Guitarist/founder Chris Slavehunter PhD promises that Metal of Honor is “our best shit yet! What else could you expect from hell’s infantry?”

Slavehunter also encourages fans to check out the cover art to Metal of Honor, done again by Craig Holloway, on NOCTURNAL FEAR’s Myspace page ( Slavehunter also reveals that the band’s new permanent vocalist is one Roy Devastator: “He’s ready to kill and deliver the fucking goods. We’re working on new shit now but are still seeking a bass player who’s sick and violent enough to play our shit.” Inquiries can be directed to NOCTURNAL FEAR’s Myspace page and/or to MORIBUND.

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