Orphan Project reveals details behind, “Spooning Out The Sea”

Abingdon, Maryland based Orphan Project have announced details on their upcoming full length album titled, “Spooning Out The Sea“.

“Spooning Out The Sea”, is the bands first full length album since the release of their critically acclaimed 2003, self title debut album. The album is scheduled for a world-wide release on June 30th via NePlusUltra Music.

The track listing is as follows
(along with commentary by vocalist Shane Lankford):

1. Reach
This driving song is a fervent crying out from the unsaved and addicted who realize his need for something more. It is a challenge to Christians to share their faith to those in need.

2. Angels Desire
Heavy up tempo rocker with a very anthemic chorus that speaks of our relationship with our Creator. We have a relationship that even the angels do not have. Christ didn’t die for them…He died for those He loves!

3. Fallen
Another heavy up-tempo rocker that showcases our love for singable choruses. The lyrics tell of the great love of Our Father Who always keeps us in His grip through all of life’s ups and downs.

4. To Me
A hard-grooving tune that we can’t wait to play live. This song is all about how real a true relationship is with God compared to the shallow psycho-babble that is taught as the truth in many circles. The Gospel is the only real thing that is true to me.

5. One Dark Moment (Providence)
Slow but moving piece that illustrates God’s providence throughout all our hardships and toils. These lyrics share what Shane was thinking as he laid on concrete 20′ below where he fell on 9/10/08. The Lord’s providence was greatly shown to him and his family through His church and their giving.

6. My Goodness
Song with just a great up-tempo groove that seems to never stop (until the song ends)…Written to speak of our works being nothing without Christ moving us to do them. All our works are filthy rags, as our goodness is found in Christ.

7. Head On Your Platter
Definitely the heaviest thing Orphan Project has ever written, but still has a very melodic chorus that has a very opposite feel to the verses. This song was written to depict the brutal killing of the “Old Man” in those of us who are believers, but also speaks of the promise to us that we have the “Feast of the ages” to look forward to as we commune with all the saints when all is said and done, who have gone before.

8. Empty Me
Keyboard and guitar solo heavy worship tune that is just a cry of praise to God, the Giver of all Good things, as well as a plea for Him to continue to sanctify us.

9. The Battle Rages On
Was originally going to be the last tune on the CD. A heavy rocker, with again, another anthem chorus and also a children’s choir. This song is all about our inner struggles with sin and how this battle will never end until we are with our Heavenly Father in eternity.

10. Spooning Out the Sea
Spooning Out the Sea builds from a mellow introduction to a forceful ending, signifying the life-long struggle we have in being content that all the answers we need are found in God’s Word, the Bible. His mysteries are great, but He has revealed the ones that He wants us to know in the Scriptures.
Orphan Project was started in 2001 when vocalist Shane Lankford (a veteran of progressive bands VISUAL CLIFF and FALL OF ECHOES), collaborating with composer John Wenger, conceived the groundwork for a concept album based on spiritual and physical adoption, incorporating progressive, hard rock, and contemporary influences.

Orphan Project is:

Shane Lankford – Vocals
Tim Kehring – Drums, Vocals
Bill Yost – Bass, Vocals
Scott Spivey – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

For more information, visit http://www.myspace.com/orphanproject