OVERMARS Album Details Revealed; US Summer Tour Begins This Month

Born Again – the Crucial Blast Records debut from France’s OVERMARS – will see US release September 22nd, 2009.  Born Again descends deep into themes of self-immolation, horror, and rebirth, and becomes a harrowing narrative as it moves through a series of different musical moods. Overmars had already established their atmospheric, electronically-tainted sludge-metal sound on their excellent 2005 album Affliction, Endocrine…Vertigo and all of the previous splits with Donefor, Iscariote, Fugüe and Icos, but Born Again is something new from the band; this forty-minute epic moves from pulverizing industrial dirge blanketed with heavily textured layers of processed guitar and fearsome guttural roars intermixed with captivating female vocals, to passages of haunting dark ambience and bottom-heavy churn, and a magisterial finale that stretches gloom-ridden moody riffage, vaporous electronics and dramatic male/female singing across the song’s final fifteen minutes, a tense, slow buildup that erupts into an earth-shaking crescendo of super heavy riffage. Immensely bleak and heavy, Born Again brings together elements of Godflesh’s industrial pummel, black metal, tribal dirge , the violent nihilism of Swans, doomy death metal, and even some black strains of psychedelia into a monumental metallic black hole. 

Audio samples from Born Again can be found here: http://www.crucialblast.net/overmars_born.html 

In support of this colossal release, OVERMARS will be touring the US for the first time this month! The band will be touring alongside Translation Loss Rec’s artists Battlefields from Mid-August through early September. 


8/14/2009 31st Street Pub – Pittsburgh, PA

8/15/2009 Kyber Bar – Philadelphia, PA
8/16/2009 Club Europa – Brooklyn, NY

8/17/2009 Cherry Street Station – Wallingford, CT

8/18/2009 O’Brien’s – Boston, MA w/ Voyager
8/19/2009 The Pirate House – Ithaca, NY
8/20/2009 Westcott Community Center – Syracuse, NY
8/21/2009 Roboto Project – Pittsburgh, PA
8/22/2009 Dayton Dirt Collective – Dayton, OH
8/23/2009 Mix Tapes – Grand Rapids, MI
8/24/2009 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
8/25/2009 Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
8/26/2009 The Uptown Bar – Minneapolis, MN
8/27/2009 Mix Tapes – Moline, IL
8/28/2009 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
8/30/2009 Dragon’s Den – New Orleans, LA
8/31/2009 The Atlantic – Gainesville, FL
9/01/2009 Square One – Greensboro, NC
9/02/2009 The Side Bar – Baltimore, MD
9/032009 The Charleston – Brooklyn, NY