Australian black metallers PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS recently inked a worldwide deal with Pulverised Records for their latest opus In Memoriam, Ill Omen.

In a world filled with disease and mindless genocide, it is no wonder why PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS chose the term “Anti-Human Plague Black Metal” to represent their brand of devastation. In Memoriam, Ill Omen is a pummeling onslaught of sorrow-drenched riffs with a sonic production that mirrors the early ’90s black metal sound, courtesy of guitarist/singer Balam. Featuring past and present members of Naxzul, Rift, Illium, Funeral Moruning and many others. In Memoriam, Ill Omen is a timeless piece of art that transcends all forms of mournful resentment towards human nature. Recorded and mixed by Balam and mastered by D.Backovic. Stunningly beautiful oldschool artwork and layout by Balam.

1) Weapon Against The Sun
2) Beautiful Demise
3) With Serpents I Lay
4) Of Loss And Suffering Inherit
5) For Man And Heavens Ruin
6) Sundered
7) Ecclesia Moriendi (Insrumental)
8) Bathed In Ashes