PYRRHON Sign To Relapse Records


Relapse Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of New York City avant-garde, technical death metal quartet PYRRHON (pronounced “peer-on”).  Formed in 2008, PYRRHON (Dylan DiLella – guitar, Erik Malave – bass, Alex Cohen – drums, Doug Moore – vocals) have released one EP (Fever Kingdoms – 2010) and one LP (An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master – 2011) via The Path Less Traveled Records and Selfmadegod Records respectively.  Both records can be streamed via their official Bandcamp page here.

 Relapse will release the band’s upcoming sophomore album titled The Mother of Virtues in early 2014.   A nightmarish blend of clanging death metal with surreal psychedelic elements, jazz rhythms, and delirious storytelling, The Mother of Virtues was tracked and mixed by Ryan Jones (Today is the Day, Mutilation Rites, Wetnurse) at Saint Vitus Bar and The Sound City, Brooklyn in May and June 2013.  The record was then mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts) at The Thousand Caves Studios, Brooklyn, in August 2013.  More album details will be revealed shortly.